I think my favorite part was Luke’s fabulous bracelet.

So, I never wrote about “Gilmore Girls Only,” and I don’t really know why that is. We were on vacation when we watched it, and I did, in fact, take the entire trip to Charlotte as a shout-out to me. The show and I are kind of codependent.

Anyway, what I will say about “Gilmore Girls Only” is that it was a good step in the right direction for Lorelai and Emily. I liked that we had an episode that dealt with some of their stuff. Overall I really liked that one.

Over this little hiatus, I thought a lot about the show, I watched some old favorite episodes, and I realized that, despite all my big talk, I’m not sure I want the show to go away just yet. There’s just not enough time to get everything resolved. We deserve to have everything resolved. Which is why I love the rumors I’m hearing about having a shortened 8th season. That makes sense to me, just to get a little bit further along in these stories, to get the kind of stuff we thought we were going to get this season. Before the Palladinos did their evil.

So, about “Hay Bale Maze.” I actually liked this one, too. (Rebecca Rand Kirshner, people. She can write the townies. We had Gypsy! And Morey! I love Morey! And the Troubador!!! And girls dancing as bulbs! And Kirk wearing a minotaur head! And not too much Taylor . . . and here is where I admit that I kind of missed Taylor and was glad to see him. I am clearly losing my mind.) I was copying down recipes and was not giving the show my full attention, so let me think about what I liked.

-As you can probably tell, I liked having the episode mostly in Stars Hollow. It felt comfortable. Townies, town meetings . . . the things that made this show so funny and interesting from the start. The show can really be at its best when it’s in Stars Hollow, and I felt like this was one of the strongest episodes of the season.

-I know this is cheesy, but I liked the maze as metaphor thing they had going on, with Rory and Logan choosing the same path (for now) and the maze ending in front of Luke’s Diner. The people in charge at GG have made a lot of noise about this season being about Lorelai’s journey (and, heck, I think I’ve said that several times myself), so I liked the nod to that. I am anxious to see Lorelai back in the diner . . . I thought THAT was how this episode was going to end, with her taking the maze to the diner and opening the door. Instead, we got the apologies, which was, in some ways, more than I expected. But her going to the diner is still pretty significant. That’s one of the things I’ve missed in Stars Hollow – not having Lorelai in the diner.

-I liked Luke and Lorelai’s conversation at the end. I felt like it was kind of forced, but I liked what they were saying, even if it was more directed to the fans than to each other. I think the writers are really making an effort to move things in the right direction so we’ve got some closure by the end of the season (or series, if season 8 doesn’t pan out). Which, if this was about a journey, makes sense. We need her to have gotten somewhere. So, I didn’t love the conversation, but I liked what it stood for, that there’s an end goal.

-I liked April’s new hair and glasses. Shallow, yes, but she was really cute in this episode! With her new look and her cute way of talking. I have always wanted to hate her but found it impossible. Now that she is undeniably cute, I feel vindicated in some strange way.

What I didn’t like, STILL, was Logan. I still don’t know what I am supposed to think about him. I don’t buy his remorse or his conversation with Lorelai. I agree with her that I still have some serious concerns about him and how seriously he takes things (or, to be more precise, how seriously he doesn’t take things) and his money and entitlement. I wouldn’t want my daughter dating him, either.

Logan and Rory walking away together at the end was kind of confusing, I thought. I feel like we’re building up to them going separate ways, and I felt like that was what the conversation outside the maze was about – I got “ambivalence” from Logan rather than, “I am devoted to you.” (But that . . . now that I think about it, that’s not really a new thing for me to get from Logan. He is so hard for me to read.) So, despite them taking the same path for now, I am not sure I believe that’s long term.

And, to be honest, I think that Rory should have taken the Providence Journal job. We don’t all get to follow our dreams right away, and Rory, who has gotten to go to Chilton and then Yale and was the editor-in-chief of the YDN . . . I think she needs to put in some time, to be honest. I know that she’ll get the fellowship or something better, but . . . I thought she should take the job. I was with Lorelai on this one. I think that Logan’s advice is fine for the world he lives in, and I admit that that’s the world that Rory has had one foot in for a while, but I think that those aren’t the values that Lorelai has wanted to impart to her daughter. I think she wants Rory to understand the value of hard work (not just academic work) more than she does. And if she connected so well with this editor-lady, I hate to think she turned down the job on Logan’s advice to “follow her dreams.” I also think it would be good for Rory to be nurtured by someone like this editor-lady, and good for her to have to provide for herself and make her own way. It seems a shame.

Anyway, there are only FOUR episodes left. Let’s finish out this season in grand style, shall we?

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