What we had for lunch.

Ham. With this apricot mustard glaze that was divine.
This potato thing that they said was like a pie without the crust? It had leeks in it and also the word it was called started with a G.
Blackeyed peas.
Collard greens.
Potato salad.
Deviled eggs.
Green beans.
Macaroni and cheese (normal).
Macaroni and cheese (blue cheese and gorgonzola).
Sourdough bread.

And for dessert, chocolate cheesecake bars and also chocolate pie.

I will probably revisit the subject of our church’s Easter service later on this week, so for now I will just say that I feel blessed to be able to spend holidays with both friends and family. We had lunch with friends after church, complete with laughter and good conversation and entirely too much food. And of course I forgot the camera. So you’ll just have to imagine it: ten adults, three kids under two, a table full of food. A picture of contentment.

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