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Once more, with feeling. 1

Here’s one more poem for National Poetry Month, this one by Emily Dickinson. To be honest, I don’t really like Emily Dickiinson. But part of learning to like poetry is learning to like The Belle of Amherst. And really, the reason I don’t like her is because her poems always put “I’d Like to Teach […]

The revolution was not only televised, it was featured on Oprah. 8

Would you rather hear about the M. Ward concert I went to last night, or the awkwardness I had at the grocery store this morning? Both? Really? Okay. I’ll start with the awkwardness. I am well-known for awkwardness at the grocery store, what with the apple-lanches and the having to ask tall people to get […]

“You know how Jack Bauer should torture terrorists? Make them go car shopping with their exes.” 8

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike.” Holy Moses, could I have loved this episode any more? Lorelai back in the diner! Jackson’s pajamas from . . . whatever season that was (season 2? Is that right?)! Lorelai pulling Oreos out of her purse! M. Ward playing on the jukebox! Sookie […]

Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg 0

I actually read this book during Holy Week, but I was waiting until my book club discussed it to write about it, to see if the discussion would give me a different perspective. Holy Week was a great time to be reading this book, though, because it’s set during the first part of April, just […]

The Good Husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander McCall Smith 1

For Christmas, my brother gave me an espresso maker. This was mostly so I can steam milk, and I have gotten quite good at making coffee beverages that include steamed milk. For myself. No, I will not make one for you. I suggest asking Alisa, because she actually knows what she’s doing. On Christmas Eve, […]

A tale of cake. Fraught with peril. Featuring pictures. 12

Last month, I decided to provide refreshments for my book club’s April meeting. Just cookies or something. Nothing too dramatic. And then I read April’s book, Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg (which I am waiting to review until after my book club meets), in which a caramel cake is prominently featured. […]

In celebration of both Earth Day and National Poetry Month. 0

“To the Green Man” Lord of the returning leaves, of sleepers Waking in their tunnels among roots, Of heart and bush and fire-headed stag, Of all things branching, stirring the blood like sap, Pray for us in your small commemorations: The facet of stained glass, the carved face Lapped by decorations on the column side, […]

Did I finally get to see the tortoises? 5

Oh, yes, I did. Where I work is only about ten minutes from the zoo, so when Mike asked me if I could meet his class there for lunch . . . well, actually, there was some confusion. I repeatedly said the wrong day. But other than that, there was no problem. I had an […]

Generation gap. 7

Our bathroom has two sinks, and mine is the closest to the door, so, in the mornings, Mike usually knocks rather than swinging the door open and knocking me in the side. This is especially important because I could be putting on eyeliner and knocking me in the side could cause me to put out […]

The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton 0

The idea of delivering books to various tribes in Africa via camel really captures the imagination, doesn’t it? Can’t you picture it? And, in fact, that is how books are delivered in Kenya. The Camel Bookmobile. Fiona is a librarian from America who is enchanted with the idea of a camel bookmobile, too. Inspired by […]

I think my favorite part was Luke’s fabulous bracelet. 3

So, I never wrote about “Gilmore Girls Only,” and I don’t really know why that is. We were on vacation when we watched it, and I did, in fact, take the entire trip to Charlotte as a shout-out to me. The show and I are kind of codependent. Anyway, what I will say about “Gilmore […]

Two things. 5

It’s National Library Week! Hug a librarian this week! Or send her presents! I mean, if you know a librarian. Who might like presents. Or chocolate. I bet she likes chocolate. And, 50 Books posted this interesting story about how Yann Martel (Canadian author of Life of Pi) has started sending books to the Canadian […]

Dear Susan, 5

Have you seen this video of Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell? Because it is freaking adorable. (Don’t hate it just because you hate Piz. You will miss out on all the fun that way.) Sincerely, Kari

Easter Everywhere by Darcey Steinke 1

I wanted this book to be something different than what it actually was. Easter Everywhere is Darcey Steinke’s story of being a preacher’s kid, drifting away from the church, and then finding her way back to faith. It was fine, thought-provoking in some places, but I didn’t feel a strong connection to the author. The […]

Feta burgers and facelifts. 7

Last night we had our newest favorite meal: turkey burgers stuffed with feta cheese on whole wheat buns with cucumber sauce. Served with Greek style spinach and brown rice (with basil, onions, garlic and feta cheese). You envy us, do you not? (If you don’t, you should.) Before that, I went running. Two things happened […]

The Road by Cormac McCarthy 1

I kept planning on reading The Road because we have a friend who loves him some Cormac McCarthy, but it didn’t seem like a very cheery book, so I kept putting it off. And then Oprah picked it, and I thought I’d better snatch it up before there was a long list for it. So, […]

Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry. 11

Mike’s plan for lightbulb domination is continuing. Thank you, Al Gore. No, really. Thanks. You’re the best. Yesterday he changed the lightbulbs in our kitchen, and now, when I turn on the lights in the kitchen, I have to wait a second for them to actually come on, and then I have to wait for […]

Whither Tort and Retort? 5

On Friday, we went to the zoo. I really wanted to see the new/old tortoises. That was my main reason for going. That and, of course, the polar bears. I always want to see the polar bears. We got there, and I was like, “WOOO! Where are the tortoises! Can’t wait to see them! WOOOO! […]

This post has been a long time coming. 4

On Good Friday, I sat in the pew and I told God that I knew that I was being too controlling, but, please, if we could just get through Easter Sunday, I promised to deal with it then. And it’s true. I have been trying to control things. Everything has seemed so out of control […]

What we had for lunch. 5

Ham. With this apricot mustard glaze that was divine. This potato thing that they said was like a pie without the crust? It had leeks in it and also the word it was called started with a G. Blackeyed peas. Collard greens. Potato salad. Deviled eggs. Green beans. Macaroni and cheese (normal). Macaroni and cheese […]