Your obligatory heartwarming sports story.

Like most of the country, I had no idea what was going on in the Men’s Division II Tournament, but my mom mentioned tonight that Barton (from Wilson, NC) won, and that the ending was kind of incredible. I pretty much had no idea what she was talking about (because, you know, I don’t have ESPN), but then I found the clip online, and . . . she was right. (Here is a slightly shorter and therefore slightly less impressive clip if you are pressed for time. But you get the replay afterwards, so there is that.) (Have I mentioned today that YouTube is the greatest invention of our generation?) Be sure and watch the part where they all run around chasing the guy who made the game-winning shot behind the basket and they can’t catch him. That’s my mom’s favorite part. (Hi, mom!)

You guys, that is awesome. They had one player who scored 10 points in 45 seconds. Now people are cheering them in airports and they got to be on ESPN. Their on-campus celebration was attended by 5000 people. Their coach hopes this will help them get donations for a gym renovation. This isn’t on the grand scale that Division I is, but . . . it’s pretty exciting for them just the same.

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