Thoughts from Friday night’s games.

-Is it just us, or was CBS airing and commentating these games like no one was watching them? Could they have BEEN any more low key?

-At this point, it’s a cliche to hate Billy Packer. But, you guys. I really really hate him. And he hates everyone. Everyone is wrong, he could do everything better himself. I would like to watch someone who enjoys the game. Is that so much to ask? Mike refuses to mute Billy, so I usually have to leave the room. He seems worse this year.

-Who has a more thankless commentating job than Jim Nantz? He doesn’t even bother to try to disagree with Billy anymore. I used to get mad at Nantz, too, but lately I think he just sounds defeated. He needs a hug. (But not from Billy Packer, who has never touched him while commentating.)

-I miss Dan Bonner. I didn’t really get to hear him very much this year. He’s my favorite. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but I just wanted to say it again. He smiles a lot.

-A lot of people have been talking about Gus Johnson this week, and how he won’t be commentating any more games this year since he got bumped for James Brown. Dan Bonner + Gus Johnson = my favorite commentating team. *sigh*

-I am not a fan of Roy Williams doing commercials. Don’t do that, Roy. (But if he was going to do a commercial, shouldn’t it be MasterCard? Are Mike and I the only ones who think Roy Williams doing a MasterCard commercial would be hilarious?)

-Mike woke me up to tell me that (good news) Carolina had won and (bad news) he was now beating me in the brackets. He was only a LITTLE gloaty. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s love in the time of basketball.

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