On Spartans and bracketology.

KARI: I read an article that was talking about 300 and how more women are going to see it than they thought.

MIKE: Yeah, they were saying that after opening weekend. They thought maybe it was because they had expanded the Oracle’s role or something.

KARI: That is not why. It is because of this. *holds up Entertainment Weekly* Look at his abs.

MIKE: That’s what [a former professor of Kari’s] said when I saw her on campus.

KARI: Yeah?

MIKE: She wanted to know if you’d seen it, because it has pretty men running around in their underwear.

KARI: Nice. I did see some discussions online with women who were wanting to see it. And it wasn’t because of the Oracle’s expanded role.

(Later, discussing our brackets.)

MIKE: You got every winner right last night.

KARI: Yessssssss.

MIKE: But our Final Four picks are very different.

KARI: So we should know by the end of the weekend who is going to win eternal bragging rights. For the next year.

MIKE: Yep.

KARI: Well, everyone’s saying Georgetown is going to win [UNC’s} bracket.

MIKE: Yes. Everyone thinks that.

KARI: So we’re kind of like the 300.

MIKE: How do you know that we’re the ones who would be the underdogs?

KARI: The Spartans! There were 300 of them! How could they possibly win! That’s totally us. No one expects us to win.

MIKE: Except . . . didn’t we already play the Spartans?

KARI: Right, Michigan State.

MIKE: And beat them.

KARI: Hmmmmmm.

MIKE: So I think we’re the bad guys.

KARI: Well, I didn’t pick UNC, because I am always superstitious about picking my own team, but I really hope we make it past this weekend.

MIKE: Maybe more people would believe in our team if they ran around in their underwear.

KARI: And the female viewership would increase.

MIKE: And no one would know why.

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