Reunited, and it feels so good.

Just as the final minute of the ACC Championship game was ticking down, the delivery man rang the doorbell with our luggage. So Mike and I celebrated the victory by jumping around with our bag – the three of us are very happy to be reunited and to see Carolina win. Mike, who only started watching college basketball in the fall of ’98, had never seen Carolina win an ACC tournament.


I don’t want to harp on this US Air thing, but last night on TV, they were saying that US Air is asking customers to arrive at least two hours before their flights and, if possible, not to check any luggage. Yeah. That’s totally a reasonable request when you’re going on vacation for a week. I’ll just pretend I’m on The Amazing Race and plan to wear the same clothes all week long. Thanks, US Air. How about you GET YOUR COMPUTERS FIXED INSTEAD?

Not only did we get to dance around – we also got to celebrate the Carolina win by brushing our teeth. It’s the little things in life. Clean teeth. Good times.

(Lest you think I’m playing the martyr, sure, we could have gone to buy toothbrushes, but last night I was told that our bag would be delivered by midnight. This morning I was told that it would be . . . sometime this morning. I had no idea that it wouldn’t be until almost 3:00 this afternoon. So Listerine it was.)

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