“Is that a joke?”

Spoilers for “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?”

If it weren’t for the fact that it wasn’t as speedy as it used to be, I’d hardly have been able to tell that this week’s episode wasn’t old-school Gilmore. And that, my friends, is quite a compliment.

One of the things that made it feel old-school was the Lorelai/Mrs. Kim interaction. I am always a fan of Lorelai and Mrs. Kim hanging out. While Lorelai intervenes on Lane’s behalf. So sweet. This show has always, at the core, been about mother/daughter relationships, and I like that that includes Mrs. Kim and Lane.

I found Luke’s story to be somewhat less old-school. I’m not sure that previous seasons of GG would have Luke making such a big decision about his boat in one episode. I do appreciate the sentiment, that Luke is making an effort to change his life, but I also miss curmudgeon Luke just a little bit. Not like he was last season, not by any means. But sarcastic Luke, grumpy Luke from earlier seasons, I miss him. And maybe we haven’t seen him because Lorelai hasn’t been in the diner. When will Lorelai go back to the diner?

Luke and Lorelai’s scene was nice – I like that, not only is he changing, but Lorelai is seeing him change. He even went to the baby shower. The first part of last season (aka “The Good Parts” version) showed Lorelai letting Luke in on what was most important to her – her relationship with Rory. I honestly thought the second half of last season would be the parallel – Luke learning how to let Lorelai in on this new relationship with his daughter. But we all know it didn’t go that way at all. The second half of this season, though, perhaps Luke is finally learning that lesson, though maybe not limited to Lorelai. While of course I want everything to be focused on Luke and Lorelai’s relationship, I like the fact that Luke’s relationship with April has been a catalyst for him letting other people in his life. It’s a redemption of sorts for that crappy storyline.

So, didn’t Lane have the greatest baby shower of all time? I liked Lane and Rory’s moments in this one. I miss that, and I liked seeing Rory doing something with/for Lane in Miss Patty’s studio. My question is . . . who’s the godfather going to be? Please oh please let it be Sebastian Bach. Please. So awesome.

And I guess that just leaves Logan. I can never figure out what the show wants me to think about Logan. They want me to like him, right? Right? Because I think the reason I can’t tell how I feel is because they don’t seem to know how THEY feel. I’m fine with him not being perfect – Luke, my favorite character, is far from perfect. But the way all of that went down was fairly unappealing to me. I just don’t get it. How am I supposed to feel, show? What do you want from me? I am never going to be a Logan fan, but this kind of thing is the reason I often actively oppose him.

I think this show has had that problem more of late. On one hand, it’s true that in real life, people aren’t just good or bad. So in that sense, I appreciated the ambiguity of having Christopher be more than just simply a jerk (though they didn’t manage that enough to be convincing) and having Lorelai talking herself into her relationship with him. But I think it’s hard to be invested in the characters if we don’t know what they are thinking. A lot of people couldn’t tell what Lorelai was thinking earlier this season (and I include myself in that – I was saying that she wasn’t happy with Christopher mostly because I was willing it to be true), and that made it hard to know what we were supposed to be thinking about what was happening. I feel like Logan is that way a lot. When he doesn’t talk to Rory about his business deal failing and goes and hangs out with Colin and Finn, what does he think about his relationship with Rory? Maybe it’s clear to some people, and maybe the writers think it’s clear, but it always seems to leave this possibility that he’s not as reformed as she thinks, and he’s going to hurt her in the end. So I don’t invest in that storyline. That’s where I am with the Logan thing. Still unsure what the show is trying to do. Even after Logan being around since season 5. :sigh:

But, overall, great episode. Fun to watch. It’s nice to feel that way again.

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