“It’s not okay, Chris.”

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia.”

Again (Rebecca Rand Kirshner), last night’s episode had a certain sweetness to it that the Palladinos often eschewed in favor of quirkiness. Not that we didn’t get quirkiness last night – Babette was her lovable self, with the jungle bedroom and the dog walking. And the Luke/Zach stuff was, I thought, very funny. I do . . . actually . . . miss Kirk a little bit. And Taylor. Just a little. And town meetings. When the show is so focused on romantic relationships, we miss some of the stuff that made it so appealing to begin with. But Babette is enough, at least for now.

I was going to start and ask if there was any way to excuse Christopher not showing up at the hospital. Look, I can be fair. Perhaps, instead of sulking (which is what I like to imagine he’s doing), he was actually tied up with work (does he really work, or was that just something Lorelai told Babette?). But . . . if he couldn’t make it right away, there’s not really an excuse for him not to call. So, despite my efforts to be fair, I’m not sure there’s any plausible excuse for what he did.

Enter Luke Danes! Who is, except for maybe last year, consistently good in a crisis. Of course I loved that he showed up and did exactly what Emily asked and was considerate of what Lorelai might want re: Christopher. Speaking of which, again, there was just no excuse for Christopher to be so rude to Luke at the end. When Luke said he should go and Christopher said, “Yeah, you should,” I . . . was really disappointed in him. Seriously, Chris, it’s not the playground. You aren’t 12. There’s no need to be so aggressive. As much as I love to hate Christopher (and I really love to hate Christopher), it’s disappointing that his character hasn’t grown in any meaningful way in the seven seasons this show has been on. Sure, he’s a little more responsible, sure, he’s got money and is more settled, sure, it appears that he’s doing a pretty good job with GiGi. I said way back at the beginning of this round of Lorelai and Christopher that if he had been more patient and selfless, I would have admitted defeat (or at least said that he had changed and given him the point). But, instead, he has consistently behaved in the opposite way, being childish and petulant rather than choosing otherwise. It’s really a shame – in my perfect Gilmore Girls world, of course we wouldn’t have had this final round of Lorelai and Christopher, but I hate that it ultimately comes down to the fact that he’s still the same as he was at 16. I don’t blame Rosenthal for this, though I know a lot of critics are blaming him for this season and wishing the Palladinos were still around. I think that Rosenthal has made an effort to get the story where it needed to go (after the ending of last season) in a reasonable amount of time, since this is very likely to be the last season. Anyway. Regarding (my boyfriend) Luke Danes, I really didn’t think he was coming back to the hospital. And when he showed up and they were talking, and then Christopher rounded that corner, it was all Mike could do to keep me from standing and cheering.

I enjoyed Emily in this episode, powering through as only Emily can do, and then tearfully explaining to Lorelai exactly how she was feeling. It seemed completely realistic to me that Emily would act exactly as she did. And I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see her in that track suit. I especially enjoyed her cliché exchange with Lorelai – and I think the end was significant as far as Emily’s relationship with Christopher. Every cloud has a silver lining/Blood is thicker than water perhaps means that the bright spot in Richard’s health crisis is that all the Gilmores are on the same page as far as Christopher’s jerkiness, and maybe (maybe?) the grandparents will stand by Lorelai if (when?) she kicks Christopher to the curb (or if they mutually decide to part, though it has to be at least partially Lorelai’s decision, since nothing else about their relationship has been).

I wish I had more to say about Rory and Logan. I just . . . don’t. Except that conversation about the internet company gave me the, “Danger, Will Robinson!” feeling. And . . . even Logan, who is not one of my favorites, managed to show up at the hospital. Christopher: Do you understand how lame that makes you look?

I’m definitely starting to get the feeling that this is a season I’ll enjoy better on DVD, after I know where it’s heading. But based on the past three episodes, I would be willing to purchase this season, despite the Paris (the city, not the girl) debacle, despite all the lame mushiness. Because if Christopher finally finally gets kicked to the curb (as it appears will happen), it will be worth rewatching.

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