Rock the library!

Once upon a time, Harry and the Potters played at the Greensboro Public Library on a Saturday afternoon. I had to work that day. I did not get to go.

But then! Then Harry and the Potters came back! And I got to be there! While they rocked the library! It was a good time – their song lyrics (when I could make them out) are very funny. The consensus was that our favorite lyric had to do with not wanting to talk about Cho’s dead ex-boyfriend over coffee. I believe the song was “The Human Hosepipe.” We were, admittedly, a little old compared to most of the crowd but it was fun to watch all the kids (read: teenage girls) who knew every single word of every single song. Also funny: the teenage girls surrounding the younger brother after the show. hee.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the evening. Enjoy.

The opening band, Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin. I liked their Beatles cover.


My Harry Potter shirt and Harry and the Potters.


Harry and the Potters in action!


Harry and the Potters singing their hit song, “Cornelius Fudge is an Ass.” (Well, it was a hit with us, anyway.)


Check out the saxophone action.


Here you can see some of the fans. Those girls in the front were really into it.


Not to be outdone, Alisa and I had our picture taken with the older brother, Paul.


And, finally . . . the shirt I’m wearing to work tomorrow. ROCK THE LIBRARY!!!


(Brian got a shirt, too, a different one. He should post a picture of it, because I don’t have one.)

It was an excellent time. I loved seeing all the kids (I’m so old) getting into the silliness and having fun with Harry Potter stuff. I’d definitely go see them again. And, you know, we could only get the first CD, so if somebody wanted to get us other CDs for, you know, my birthday or something, that would be cool. It’s music for people who read. I read. I’m just saying.

That’s all for now. I have to go save Ginny Weasley from a basilisk. Be back later.

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