Growing up, Joseph and I had a computer game which you could play as a warrior, a magician, or a thief. I always chose the thief, because I thought stealing things from people’s houses was much more fun than killing wild animals or people or whatever. And I think that using magic to get everything done is . . . kind of uninteresting. At least compared to stealing. Stop judging me.

Anyway, my favorite thing about being the thief was that you had to increase your agility so that no one would hear you. The best way to do that was to sneak around, because sneaking increases agility. In order to do that, you typed in the command “sneak” and your character would get in the sneak position – you know, hunched over a bit, arms sneakily in front of you. I enjoyed spending as much time as possible like that, just because it looked funny. (And also because “sneak” is a fun word.) (The other thing you got to do as a thief was pick a lot of locks. So I would sneak around on back alleys and pick locks. I am a fine, upstanding citizen, don’t you know.)

Perhaps you can see where this is going . . . for Christmas, my brother got Mike a copy of Burger King’s Sneak King game. We played it for the first time last night, and I got to sneak around to my heart’s content. In a rare bold move for me, I was actually the first one to play it, and I didn’t do such a bad job. We have finished several of the missions on the first level, and, you know, the game is kind of silly, but watching the King sneak around is definitely charming in its own way. I like watching him dance. If I continue to play, I’ll keep you posted. hee hee.

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