First Christmas.

KARI: Do they have Christmas in heaven?

MIKE: Of course! Jesus’ birthday party!

KARI: That’s nice.

MIKE: But I hear it’s probably in the spring.

KARI: Do you think they have Christmas trees?

MIKE: Yes.

KARI: White lights or colored?

MIKE: Both.

KARI: Whichever you prefer?

MIKE: Exactly. And instead of inflatable lawn ornaments shaped like Santa, you have inflatable lawn ornaments shaped like Jesus.

KARI: . . .

MIKE: What?

KARI: I’m waiting to see if you’re going to be struck by lightning.

MIKE: Jesus on a Harley. Jesus in a snow globe. A Jesus-go-round.

KARI: Holy cow.

MIKE: The angels can’t let mere mortals outdo them.

KARI: And there are presents to shake and a big meal?

MIKE: Angel choirs go from door to door, caroling.

KARI: That’s nice, too.

MIKE: Christmas there is even better than Christmas here.

KARI: Something to look forward to.

And it was just November past
She said goodbye, and breathed her last
And the great grandchildren miss her so
But if she could she would let them know –
This is my first Christmas

First time to hear the angels sing
Glory, hallelujah to the risen king
And a holy night is what this is
‘Cause this is my first Christmas
This is my first Christmas
-Carolyn Arends

Merry Christmas, Daddy. I know you livened up the party.

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