Thanksgiving Weekend (so far) by the numbers.

Sweet potato casseroles made by me: 2

Sweet potato casseroles made by me prior to this weekend: 0

Compliments on my sweet potato casseroles: 2,847

How much I like sweet potato casserole, on a scale of 1-10: 0

Points I should get for making a dish I don’t like so that my husband and brother will be sure to have it: hundreds of thousands

Friends Thanksgiving episodes watched on Wednesday night (while making sweet potato casserole): 9 (Did you know that there’s not a Thanksgiving episode in season 2? Just the Mockolate episode, where Monica tries to create recipes using Mockolate. We didn’t realize the lack of Thanksgiving love in season 2 until Wednesday, when we got our DVD sets out to watch all ten Thanksgiving episodes and were denied.)

States I forgot in the game inspired by the season 7 Thanksgiving episode of Friends: 8 (I am so ashamed. Joey got 56!)

Turkey dinners eaten: 2

How much I hope we are not having turkey with Mike’s sister tomorrow, on a scale of 1-10: 9.5

Conversations about One Tree Hill: 1

Conversations I participated in about One Tree Hill: 0

Conversations I tried to start about Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars: 1

How long those conversations lasted, approximately: 30 seconds

Conversations about Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa: 2

Conversations I participated in about Clay Aiken and Kelly Ripa: 2

Cookbooks obtained by me: 1

Cute ornaments exchanged by me and Mike: 2

Christmas trees decorated: 1

Number of pictures taken of the Christmas tree decorating: over 70 (we decided to document every ornament we have and write down the year we got it and why it’s significant, so we’ll be able to remember all that later on. Decorating the tree took . . . longer than usual.)

Disagreements about the Christmas decorations: 4 or 5

Years I think it will take us to finally agree 100% on the Christmas decorations: 1,000,000

Creches displayed in our house: 2

Creches featuring super-tiny-happy Baby Jesus: 1

Christmas songs listened to now that they are fair game: approximately 300 (that’s at least four times through our mix, which includes 75 songs . . . and that’s just today)

Number of people waiting in line at the best Wal-Mart in the world: 0 (no I will not tell you where the best Wal-Mart in the world is, because then you’d crowd in and there’d be lines)

Number of items we were assigned to bring to my grandma’s house: 2

Number of items we actually took to my grandma’s house after Mike did his usual “holiday overdoing it” bit: 5

Trouble I thought we might get in for bringing two unannounced desserts: not measurable

Trouble we actually got in: 0

Different desserts eaten by me: 6

Total possible number of desserts I could have tried: 9 (such restraint on my part!)

Cute babies at my grandma’s house: 1

Comments made to me about “getting one of those”: only 1, surprisingly

Podcasts of Wait, Wait listened to: 2

Podcasts of Wait, Wait listened to that featured an awesome phone call by Barack Obama: 1

Episodes of Ugly Betty I would have missed if not for TiVo: 1 (the Thanksgiving episode was last week! I thought this week was going to be preempted!)

How many thanks I send to TiVo: 10,000

Weight gained (see also desserts eaten): not gonna talk about it

Times I went running: 0 (there’s always tomorrow)

Thankfulness for my family and their food, kindness, and conversation: 100%

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