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Gilmore Girls spoilers for this week’s episode below. Beware!

TV Guide dated October 30-November 5, 2006.

TV Guide is my sworn enemy.

Seriously. TV Guide. What the heck? That was two weeks ago, and . . . SPOILER. You are so on my bad list.

I was going to say bad things about this episode, but then . . . Marty was in the previouslys. And I kid you not, I got up and jumped around like a crazy woman. For at least a minute. That is not an exaggeration. Two episodes ago, even before I found out about the plotline that must not be named, I said to Mike, “I am not sure I want to watch the show much more. The Return of Marty is probably the only thing that could keep me watching.” I thought I was chasing a pipe dream, but NO! MARTY IS BACK! I am so happy. I spent the whole episode waiting for him to appear, but Mike figured out he was Boyfriend before I did. Nice. I don’t care HOW Marty returns . . . I am just glad to have him back.

Also, I love Mrs. Kim and I missed her. So much. When she congratulated Lane and Zach, I actually got a little teary.

And, finally, the plotline that must not be named . . . I think Lorelai’s face at the end was a very good sign of what’s to come. (Also, need I mention that, yet again this season, Christopher plowed right on through with his own agenda without listening to her or considering her feelings? I don’t need to mention that, right? You noticed it yourself.)

All in all, I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I was going to, given that I knew they were eloping (although I told Mike that if I rolled my eyes any more they were going to roll out of my head). I like Rory’s friends even though they are slightly ditzy. It’s nice to see her cutting loose and having fun without it being all drunken parties, which is what it was when Logan was around. I related to her senior year crisis (hello, that’s how I ended up in grad school) and it was nice to see her doing things that weren’t paper-related. I liked Lane and Zach’s scenes. I liked Luke being sweet and also slightly afraid of Lane. And the look on Lorelai’s face at the end . . . makes me want to know what’s going to happen next. (Hey, remember when Luke got drunk and got married on vacation? But it ended up not being an obstacle to him and Lorelai getting together? Yeah, me, too. I don’t even care if we’ve done it before, if it gets rid of Christopher.)

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