This is a geeky entry. Sorry about that.

I’m currently reading Ken Jennings’ book (don’t look at me like that. How can I resist a book with blurbs from both Will Shortz AND A.J. Jacobs?!) and I’m enjoying it. It’s about his time on Jeopardy and also about the history of trivia, specifically trivia competitions. The two topics merge together well – people who would care enough about Ken Jennings (and Jeopardy!) to read his book are probably going to be the kind of people who care about trivia. It’s not, after all, the tale of his torrid affair with Alex Trebek. (I guess that’ll be his next book.) From watching the show, I knew he was a geeky sort of guy with a sense of humor, and that definitely comes across. He seems like a likeable guy.

Speaking of Ken Jennings, Glarkware (creators of many fine shirts) recently featured this shirt as one of their “Now or Never” deals:

Glarkware shirt

I saw it, showed it to Mike, laughed, and promptly forgot about it. This week, though, Glark linked to a picture of Ken Jennings himself wearing it, which came from Ken Jennings’ own website. And to that, I say . . . HEE.

(And just because I can . . . here’s my favorite Ken Jennings moment. Again. I hope he mentions it in the book.)

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