The weekly pep talks resume.

Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “The Long Morrow.”

After talking Theresa off a ledge Wednesday night, I realized that I’d better reinstate this feature. (Part of her problem was that she watched the premiere with someone who is a big Christopher fan. I have a hard time with Christopher fans. I actually see it as a moral failing. How could anyone prefer him to Luke? He’s ridiculous and immature and . . . don’t get me started. But just let me say this: If you’re a Christopher fan, I don’t see how you could possibly be happy with the finale and the premiere, because it certainly hasn’t painted him in a positive light.) I still do believe that Luke and Lorelai are going to end up together, but I fear we might have a ways to go before that happens, so, for now, these are the reasons that I am going to keep watching (and that Theresa should, too).

This was our first episode without the Palladinos (or, as Theresa calls them, “the bad people”), and, when it was over, I turned to Mike and said, “Not bad!” I thought everyone sounded more like their old selves – Sookie wasn’t as shrill as she’s been, Michel was funny, there wasn’t too much Kirk-and-Taylor, the girls were bantering, Paris was awesome . . . the show was fine. It wasn’t suffering. Sure, I didn’t like the ending, but it was pretty much what I expected. I figured he’d come back and apologize, she’d tell him about Christopher, and he’d leave. Check, check, and check. It was executed well, the writing seemed normal (Emily and I discussed how it was a little slow, maybe, but we couldn’t decide if that was a stylistic choice or we were overanalyzing it or if they hadn’t quite caught the rhythm yet) . . . all good signs. Also, it was sad, but I didn’t feel like throwing things at the end. Always a nice feeling.

I think it’s important to note that Lorelai did keep saying it was over with Luke for two reasons: 1. She didn’t want to wait any longer. 2. She slept with Christopher. At no point in the episode did she say that she didn’t love Luke, that she didn’t want to be with him. This is not about her not caring for Luke. If it had been, I might be giving up, but it wasn’t. Additionally, the main problem last season was that Luke was acting like a doofus. In fact, I even broke up with him about it. This week, Luke did not act like a doofus. So, if she still loves him, he still loves her, and he’s not acting like a doofus (man, I love that word), I think they can get over the Christopher incident. I mean, Christopher. I am supposed to see that peon as a threat? I laugh in Christopher’s face. I thumb my nose in his general direction.

It’s important to remember that this is likely going to be the last season. And with that being the case, the writers are going to try to close the overall story arc. Now, I certainly don’t think that a woman needs a man to be complete, and I don’t think that would ever be the message of this show. I think Rory, for example, could very well end the show without having a boyfriend, and that would be fine. Lorelai, though, has always indicated that her desire is to have “the whole package,” to have a partner in life. And so I think that the show will end that way for her. (Some people have said that she hasn’t grown up at all, but I see a big difference between season 1 Lorelai and season 6 Lorelai. I think she’s gotten much better at opening her life, which was the whole point of the first part of last season. But I digress.) So, who will Lorelai be with in the end? There are really only two main prospects, so I have to believe it’ll be one of them. It’s too late to introduce someone else. Will she be with Christopher, the man who brings out the 16-year-old in her, or will she be with Luke, the man who she was finally able to have an adult relationship with? Come on. How is Christopher even a valid choice?

And, yes, I don’t watch promos (and neither should you), so I don’t know exactly what these dire things that Theresa hinted at are. But I am not worried. If, as I suppose from the stress in her voice, these promos have to do with Christopher, then I say, “Bring it on.” Let’s get Christopher out of the picture once and for all (again, I think the appalling way he behaved in both the finale and the premiere – “Come on over and let me cook you some dinner, baby” – should be enough to prove that he’s not the long-term guy) so we can get on with the real story. If Luke was still insecure enough last season to freak out about Christopher (which was completely ridiculous manipulation to foreshadow Luke’s Big Secret, but never mind), then I think we need to do whatever we can to finally get him out of Lorelai’s system. I am not worried about Christopher. The look on Lorelai’s face after she left his house the morning after was enough to make me feel like it’s all going to be okay. Maybe not next week, maybe not next month, but, come May, it’s all going to end exactly like it should.

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