And I don’t want words, I just want some peace.

This morning I heated milk in a saucepan for my coffee. I poured it with the coffee in my to-go mug, added Splenda, and headed to work. Around 9:30, I suddenly thought, “Did I turn off the burner?” I am fairly notorious for leaving the oven on (*cough*) and for leaving burners on accidentally. (And, also, since I’m being honest, for turning on the wrong burner. I clearly have an stove problem.)

I remembered standing by the sink, pouring the milk into the mug, thinking, “I need to turn off the burner.” What I couldn’t remember was whether that had actually translated into any kind of action. And so, at lunch, instead of curling up in the breakroom with The Moon by Night, I drove the twenty minutes home to find . . . that I had turned off the burner.

Thank you, thank you very much.

At least today was a beautiful day to be driving with the windows down, listening to a CD that Susan made for me. I can’t really complain about getting to be outside. And my peace of mind was definitely worth a nice car ride in the middle of the day. I can say, though, that it’s clear that in the mornings, I should not be allowed to use any appliances that don’t automatically turn themselves off. (Thank you, Mr. Coffee.)

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