In which I almost turn to a life of crime.

When the eye surgeon measured my eyes for the surgery, he said that my prescription was -13.00. My contact box says the prescription for is -11.50, but I know that glasses prescriptions can be a little different than contact prescriptions. For whatever strange reason. I used to round that to a -12.00, because that was easiest. -12.00 is just on the border of where they can do LASIK, which is why I had the lens implants instead.

I mentioned before that I would probably need to have glasses for driving and watching TV, but that reading is fine. I have been very pleased with my new eye. Last week, I went to get measured for driving glasses, because I have to go without the contact in my right eye for a week before my second surgery, and I’ll need the glasses to help me drive until I get the stitches out of the second eye and we see where that prescription settles in.

Speaking of the prescription, you may not be dying to hear what my new prescription is in my left eye, but I am dying to tell you. Remember, it was -12.00 before. And now? -0.75. Not even one whole diopter. It wasn’t sharp, but I could read the 20/30 line without assistance. Fairly unbelievable.

I was supposed to pick my new glasses up today. I called and told them I was on my way, and they said, “Oh, good thing you called! We’re going to a meeting, but we’ll leave them in that box outside our door.” Great. Sounds good.


When I got there, the glasses weren’t there. And, as they were all in a meeting, no one was in the office. And that was how I found myself trying to break into my optometrist’s building today. All right, yes, yes, I didn’t try to break in. I did check all the doors, though, and I considered using a credit card on one of the side entrances. I chickened out, though, because I figured there was no way that I could get off the hook for it if I did get caught. “I’m just breaking in to get my glasses! They were supposed to leave them for me!” Have fun in jail, Kari.

And so I had to leave without them. I managed to get them after work tonight, and can I just say . . . wow. So, here’s the thing. I don’t hate glasses. I hate having to wear glasses, and I hated my glasses because they were so thick and made my eyes look so small. Before I decided whether I wanted to use the same frames, Mike and I tried on frames at Costco. We were both so used to seeing my itty bitty eyes behind the glasses that we were astounded at how big my eyes looked in them. My new glasses, since they have a low (very low!) prescription in one eye and glass in the other, make my eyes look so big! I don’t feel lost behind them. I am very happy with the results of the surgery so far. (The doctor has said that after both eyes are done, we can do a LASIK touch-up if I would like. I am not sure whether I will want to do that or not.)

Anyway, I was desperate to get those glasses, because we’re heading to Atlanta this weekend, and I knew I’d need them. That was the first time I’ve ever strongly considered trying to break into a building that wasn’t my house.

I had some other “firsts” today as well.

-The first time I went to the UNC hospital. Good thing Joseph was able to help me figure out where I was supposed to go.

-The first time I ever went to an ABC store by myself. And the first time I ever bought anything there. I needed Kahlua for the upcoming “Chocolate Chip Kahlua Cake Bakeoff” that Adriene and I will be attempting this weekend. (Really, we just want to know if it makes a difference whether you use chocolate or vanilla pudding.)

LADY BEHIND COUNTER: I hope you brought your ID.

KARI: *gets out ID* I’m 27.


KARI: *sighs*

-The first time I took a particular road to get to the town that housed the ABC store. It was nice. It went through the country. There were a lot of cows.

All right, so that last one is kind of lame. I will offer you another story instead.

For my birthday, Mike got me Freaks and Geeks on DVD. This was a very good present for many reasons. 1. I like watching TV shows on DVD. 2. Watching TV shows on DVD is something Mike and I can do together. 3. The show? Is awesome. We are loving it. It’s awkward, it’s hilarious, it’s uncomfortable, it’s fabulous. Lindsay makes us cringe, Sam makes us smile, and Bill . . . we love everything that comes out of Bill’s mouth. Everything he says makes me laugh, and then say, “Everything Bill says makes me laugh!” I admit that may be somewhat annoying. But I don’t care. Mike and I have been alternating Freaks and Geeks and Scrabble.

I have to finish packing for Atlanta, and I need to do dishes. I hope the image of me trying to break into my optometrist’s office will get you through the weekend.

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