Monthly Archives: July 2006

An honor and a privilege. 11

Mike and I went away this weekend to stay at Casa Holland and see the Braves, have storytime with Trey and Aaron, play poker, watch That Thing You Do, and stay at Cafe Intermezzo until way way past “ungodly hours” and on into “so ridiculously late it’s early.” As expected, we had a lot of […]

In which I almost turn to a life of crime. 4

When the eye surgeon measured my eyes for the surgery, he said that my prescription was -13.00. My contact box says the prescription for is -11.50, but I know that glasses prescriptions can be a little different than contact prescriptions. For whatever strange reason. I used to round that to a -12.00, because that was […]

Wordplay. 6

I am notoriously bad at Scrabble. What I have figured out is that I am not great at games where there is a lot of visual information to take in, like Nerts or Scrabble. I can’t see all of those things at once. In Scrabble, that means that I create words that start or end […]

I could never love anyone more than I love my sisters. 8

I can’t remember the first time I read Little Women. I remember what the book looked like, a hardcover with pale flowers on the front that I checked out of the library, but I don’t have any specific memories of reading it. I do remember reading Little Men – I read it in the bathtub, […]

My wild and crazy life. 14

Every time Mike goes out of town, I feel the urge to act like a teenager and throw wild keg parties. Which is ridiculous . . . why do I act as if he’s the adult in our house? He might care if I was throwing wild keg parties, it’s true, but he doesn’t care […]

It comes around, it comes around. 6

The reason I don’t really listen to the radio is that they play songs over and over. For me, the stage between, “I hate this,” and, “I’m singing along to every word,” is bridged by repetition. In many cases, all you have to do to get me to like a song is . . . […]

Leaf by leaf and page by page, throw this book away. 8

One of the reasons we’d been so intent on working on the fire pit area in our backyard is that, for a while now, I have been wanting to burn the journals I kept off and on from high school until about three years ago. It wasn’t for a ritual cleansing or anything like that. […]

Someone really should have warned me about this. 4

I’m not too sure how I feel about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. “Yes?” The librarian did not bother to look up. “Cold you recommend a good book for a girl?” “How old?” “She is eleven.” Each week Francie made the same request and each week the librarian asked the same question. A name on […]

Searching for Billy Graham, cows, Jesus, and Romeo and Juliet. (Those things qualify as “God Knows What,” right?) 7

For my birthday, Andrea gave me a copy of Don Miller’s Searching for God Knows What. It took a little longer than I thought to finish it – I thought I’d be done on Saturday, and then Sunday, but I finally finished it this morning. I am not the hugest Don Miller fan on the […]

In which Kari and Mike are attacked by a pack of wild dogs. 4

On the way to my parents’ house last night, we were passing through Liberty, a small town close to where I grew up. As we were driving through downtown, I noticed a few dogs on the other side of the road. Suddenly, the four dogs darted into the road and into our lane! There were […]

Birthday Weekend 2006 11

On the 4th of July, I found myself standing by the side of the road (under an umbrella) watching two sets of fireworks go off, one to my right and one to my left. The car stereo was cranked up, patriotic music was playing, and, oh yeah, the two guys I was standing with had […]

Lord Stanley’s Cup came to Greensboro. 4

And Mike and I were there.