Monthly Archives: June 2006

I’ve had some time to think about you 4

I always wonder about those “Slow: Funeral” signs. Should I actually slow down? Is it rude of me to continue on at my normal speed? Does anyone even notice? Do they have the signs in other parts of the country? When my mom’s cousin (who lives across the street from my parents) lost his father, […]

Further proof that the AFI is a bunch of idiots. 4

On Sunday, while catching up on some ironing, I watched Mad Hot Ballroom. It was fabulous. I highly recommend it. Its very existence calls the whole “100 Years/100 Cheers” list into question. I understand that the criteria indicated that movies on that list should be fictional, but why should a fictionalized version of Seabiscuit or […]

Revisiting The Kite Runner. 2

At lunch today, I finished rereading The Kite Runner – my book discussion group is talking about it next week, so I had to brush up. I remembered the bare bones stuff, the overall plot, that it’s sad and somewhat violent, but I didn’t remember that it’s so good it hurts. I think that, when […]

THAT’S what I’m talking about! 6

I’m wearing red and black again today!

A letter of desperation. 7

Dear North Carolinians, This is a dire situation. We’ve only got one more chance to win the Stanley Cup, and we’ve blown two chances in a row. I am begging you, begging you to change whatever it is you’ve been doing. Have you been wearing a “lucky” shirt or hat? Please wear something else. Have […]

It’s 3am, I must be lonely. 7

So far, the worst part of my eye surgery was getting the stitches out. I know, I know, you’re totally grossed out by the idea of stitches in my eye. It hasn’t been a big deal, though. I can’t feel them or anything. And, even though Mike stopped reading this at the word “stitches,” I’m […]

“We really should be taping this.” 5

I haven’t seen a lot of Robert Altman films (here’s where I admit I haven’t seen MASH), but I have really enjoyed the ones I have seen. I remember watching Gosford Park – Mike was asleep on the couch and I, as recommended, had put on the subtitles in order to keep up with what […]

The AFI really pissed me off last night. 12

KARI: Hey. MIKE: Hey. KARI: You didn’t come to bed last night. MIKE: I didn’t want to wake you again. KARI: Again? MIKE: Yeah, I came and told you about the game and about It’s a Wonderful Life. KARI: I took Ambien. MIKE: I could tell. KARI: I don’t remember this conversation. MIKE: I figured. […]

Rambling thoughts. 5

Alisa and Carla have reported that they like the songs on the CD I made, except for one: The Dandy Warhols singing “We Used to Be Friends,” AKA the Veronica Mars theme song. I’ve started running again, and I’ve been using that playlist. I have to say that “We Used to Be Friends is a […]

Send someone to fetch us, we’re in Saskatchewan. 14

Alisa is leaving on Monday to drive to North Carolina, and she requested mix CDs. Mike and I made a set of three to send her, with him contributing two and me contributing one. I was pretty pleased with mine, so I’m posting it here, with my notes for Alisa on each song. The title […]

Books, appliances, weekends off. 7

My new job means that I get weekends off. So what did I do with my weekend off? Well, on Saturday, Mike and I slept late, made lunch, went for a walk, and I read an entire book. Let me digress for a second about the book. It was Never Let Me Go by Kazuo […]

I said hello to this situation that never yields. 17

Every day on my way to work, I turn right at a stoplight. At this light, for whatever reason, I have a yield sign, so I am supposed to yield to the drivers approaching me who are turning left onto that same road. And, nearly every morning, I try to yield and am honked at […]

Forgiving your enemies is the easy part. 2

I’m reading a book called Why Do I Love These People? by Po Bronson, which is about family, all different kinds of families, and how they survive and overcome in the 21st century. It’s very good, and exactly the kind of thing I enjoy, because I love reading other people’s stories. There are all kinds […]