The friends of my right hand.

I have a lot of great friends who have been doing a lot of taking care of me. Some of the girls from church have shared meals with me, talked with me about sad things, deliberately not talked about sad things, and have called and sent emails just to let me know they were thinking of me. My board friends have sent care packages galore – chocolate, a dancing hula girl, coloring books and crayons and a magic wand, cards, letters, and all kinds of thoughtfulness. Friends have shared coffee with me, stopped by, and called. Melissa let me call her and cry on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Theresa let me cry while we drank tea. I have talked before about how I used to feel left out and alone when it came to friendships, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

This weekend, we went to see Scott and Kelly, as we always do on Memorial Day weekend. Seriously, this was the fourth Memorial Day in a row that I went to visit Kelly, and Mike has also come the past two years. We went to the beach, made drinks in the blender, ate chicken wings, made hamburgers, watched dumb television, enjoyed some movies, and played poker. Basically, it was “the usual.”

Kelly and I are both going through a lot of changes right now, and we talked about that some. But we also spent a lot of time not talking about it. It was just kind of understood that when I was crying while watching Elizabethtown and Return to Me, that I was crying about other things, too, and that was okay. I felt very taken care of this weekend. I didn’t help in the kitchen as much as I usually do, but it was nice to feel like I was on vacation a bit.

Last week, when people asked how I was doing, I said that my eye surgery felt like a reprieve from real life, because of the drugs and the adjusting. This didn’t feel quite so much like an emotional reprieve, but it was nice to be away.

(In reading this post, it sounds a bit like a downer, so let me say that we had a lot of fun, it’s just that it was low-key. We made fun of people on the beach, I laughed until I cried at Mike’s new version of “When a Man Loves a Woman,” Kelly had better cards than I did (but I had a king!), and I scared everyone with my bionic eye. What I love most about spending time with Scott and Kelly is just sharing life.)

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