A public service announcement regarding peppers from Mike and Kari.

KARI: At work today, they said my eye looked better.

MIKE: Really?

KARI: Yeah, you don’t think so? It’s a little red, but that’s because of my cold.

MIKE: Oh, the redness is better. It’s just more purple underneath.

KARI: My makeup has worn off.

MIKE: It looks like I hit you.

KARI: That’s what I tell people.

MIKE: Well, I made the stuffed pablano peppers for dinner, and the sauce will help open your sinuses.

KARI: Great! Let me taste!

MIKE: Just get a little. It’s really spicy.

KARI: *tastes* Wow! That’s good. It’s really spicy!

MIKE: I know. I’m surprised at how spicy it is.

KARI: But the rice will cool it off.

MIKE: There’s a lot, too. This is supposed to be for four peppers.

Later, while eating dinner.

KARI: This tastes really good. But . . . I like spicy things. I don’t know how you’re eating it.

MIKE: It’s not that spicy.

KARI: Right. *gets more water*

More time has passed.

KARI: So, on the recipe, did it say it was going to be this spicy? Did it have lots of flames or chili peppers next to it or something?


KARI: I didn’t know that chipotles were this spicy. Can I look at the recipe?

MIKE: Yeah, it’s in the book over there.

KARI: It doesn’t say it’s this spicy. That’s so weird.

MIKE: *gets refill*

KARI: Will you bring me a tortilla or something so I can cool my mouth off?

MIKE: That’s a good idea.

KARI: I’m just surprised . . . hey, Mike?

MIKE: Yeah.

KARI: How many chipotles did you use?

MIKE: How many does the recipe call for?

KARI: One canned chipotle in adobo sauce.

MIKE: One canned?

KARI: Yes.

MIKE: Not one can?

KARI: Oh, my.


KARI: How many did you use?

MIKE: *gets can out of trash, laughs uncontrollably*


MIKE: 18.

KARI: *cackles*

MIKE: I didn’t actually read the recipe. I just used the stuff I bought.

KARI: Well, this has been a very informative meal.

MIKE: There’s a big difference between one can of peppers and one canned pepper.

KARI: My whole mouth is burning.

MIKE: But are your sinuses open?

KARI: My sinuses will never close again.

MIKE: We’re going to have to pour it out.

KARI: I would like to disagree with you, but . . . I’m dying.

MIKE: Farewell, spicy sauce.

KARI: We can use salsa on the rest of the peppers.

MIKE: I really like chipotle flavor.

KARI: It’s kind of hard to tell the flavor when your taste buds are being scalded.

MIKE: Don’t touch your eyes. Now my mouth and my eye are burning.

KARI: This was a dangerous dinner.

MIKE: You’re going to write this up, aren’t you?

KARI: I think people need to know. For safety.

MIKE: Read the recipe. Learn the difference between “can” and “canned.”

KARI: Your mouth will thank you.

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