“Wait, you have an actual date for season two? Where did you find that?”

On Saturday, after I read the recaps for the season one episodes we’d already seen, I checked tvshowsondvd.com for signs of Veronica Mars season two. Nothing. “Well,” I thought, “it must not be coming out this summer. Surely there would be a date by now if it was coming out before the fall.”

Turns out I was mostly right – on Sunday, tvshowsondvd.com announced that season two will be available on August 22nd. I was just a day off. I don’t feel so bad.

Mad props to Mike, who did not know I had checked about the DVDs, and found the date on Amazon. And mad props to the people who are giving us time to watch the second season before the third one starts. Bravo, I say. Bravo.

So, I take back the request for tapes. We’ll save our pennies and get caught up in August. (Let’s face it, we’ll be caught up before August is over.)

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