And his name shall be called

Mike’s sister is having a little boy in the fall. They are planning on naming him Luke, which is a lovely name, but was vetoed in our house because of my past love of Luke Danes, so I’m happy for other people to use it. I will buy little Luke a blue baseball cap and encourage him to wear it backwards.

Mike has been lobbying for his sister to use the name Michael ever since he found out she was due six days after his birthday. Before we knew for sure she was having a boy, he pointed out that Michaela is also a very nice name, as is Michelle. But we were pretty confident they were having a boy, and it turns out we were right. Last night when Mike and his sister were talking, they worked out a deal: If Luke is born on Mike’s birthday, he will, instead, be given the name Michael. From my point of view, there are some serious problems with this plan.

1. They’re already calling him Luke. So what are they going to do, switch his name after he’s born? “Hey, you, whatever your name is!” Poor kid.

2. Mike’s sister may or may not have known how serious he was, but from the discussion I had with him, I think he was pretty dang serious (“Luke is not a family name! They should use a family name!” And when I pointed out that they hadn’t used family names for their other two children, I was blatantly ignored). If she thinks he’s joking and the baby is born on Mike’s birthday and given the name Luke, someone may get his feelings hurt.

So, I’m crossing my fingers that, either Luke will not be born on Mike’s birthday, or we can work out another plan. Perhaps Luke could be given three names, so instead of being Luke Stephen, he can be Luke Stephen Michael. Mike was somewhat placated by that idea last night. That’s really the only plan I can think of.

(Secretly, though, I love that Mike is so excited about his nephew possibly being born on his birthday that he has brought this name thing up repeatedly. I can’t wait to see what happens. Picture Mike duking it out with his sister, who has just had a baby and is therefore sure to win, about names and promises while his brother-in-law and I stand back and watch. It’s brilliant, I say. I’ll be sure and take pictures.)

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