Monthly Archives: May 2006

The friends of my right hand. 5

I have a lot of great friends who have been doing a lot of taking care of me. Some of the girls from church have shared meals with me, talked with me about sad things, deliberately not talked about sad things, and have called and sent emails just to let me know they were thinking […]

Ode to Mary Kay 6

One of the ways that I know I am very Southern is that, aside from going to workout and going to have my wisdom teeth removed, the last time I can remember leaving my house without eye makeup is when I was a sophomore in college. And that was unintentional – it was when I […]

There are places I remember in my life, though some have changed 5

The other night I had a dream in which I saw myself returning to a place from my past, a place I’m not really interested in revisiting. It’s not that it was wholly or even mostly bad for me, it’s just that I was in a period in my life where I thought relationships and […]

A public service announcement regarding peppers from Mike and Kari. 14

KARI: At work today, they said my eye looked better. MIKE: Really? KARI: Yeah, you don’t think so? It’s a little red, but that’s because of my cold. MIKE: Oh, the redness is better. It’s just more purple underneath. KARI: My makeup has worn off. MIKE: It looks like I hit you. KARI: That’s what […]

The eye is the lamp of the body 6

At the end of last year, after having to wear my glasses for a few weeks, I decided that one of my goals for this year was to find out about getting my eyes fixed. And get it done if at all possible. With support from Mike and my family, I decided to get lens […]

Oh, yeah, you’re pretty good looking . . . 11

I don’t know when I’ll feel like posting again, so here’s the picture we had framed for Mom for Mother’s Day to distract you. Look how pretty we all are.

They’ve been going in and out of style 5

Recently, Mike has discovered The Beatles. I mean, sure, he knew about them, and he listened to some of the albums I owned, but he finally got around to watching The Beatles Anthology on DVD, and, suddenly, I feel the need to apologize to my parents for my Beatles fan-girl-ness back in high school. Mom […]

The amazing disappearing guacamole. 16

KARI: Where’s the guacamole? MIKE: It was turning brown on the top. KARI: Sooooo? MIKE: . . . KARI: So, where is it? MIKE: I ate it. KARI: All of it? MIKE: Yes. KARI: You ate the whole container of guacamole? MIKE: Yes. KARI: The whole container? That my aunt flew up from Florida? MIKE: […]

Who moved my cheese . . . into his or her stomach? 10

Many days I bring a Granny Smith apple and some cheddar cheese for lunch. When I am packing my lunch, I take the block of cheese and cut four slices from the short end. Lately, though, the past few times I have brought apple and cheese, when I have gone to eat my lunch there […]

At least it’s over. 18

So now you know why I was so glad the Palladinos are gone. As The Star-Ledger said yesterday, “The Palladinos have said in interviews that they wrote the finale with the intention of continuing the story next season — and, tonally, it fits in with some of their more unpopular story arcs of years past […]

“Wait, you have an actual date for season two? Where did you find that?” 1

On Saturday, after I read the recaps for the season one episodes we’d already seen, I checked for signs of Veronica Mars season two. Nothing. “Well,” I thought, “it must not be coming out this summer. Surely there would be a date by now if it was coming out before the fall.” Turns out […]

Come on now, sugar 3

A few months ago, I came into a little extra cash, and I bought season one of Veronica Mars on DVD because I’ve been wanting to watch it. On Thursday night, Mike and I watched a couple of episodes and found it enjoyable. And then, on Friday, Mike came home early and we watched six […]

Thoughts over a mug of tea. 3

I seem to be attracting bad luck lately. Saturday, after work, I was waiting for my friend Theresa in the parking lot and rolled down my window to talk to a coworker who walked by. And then, for no reason, it wouldn’t roll back up. I got another coworker to look at it, and he […]

There will be no white flag above my door. 3

Spoilers for “Driving Miss Gilmore” below. I will go down with this ship And I won’t put my hands up and surrender There will be no white flag above my door I’m in love and always will be I had kind of thought that I might have to come to this post today and say, […]

And his name shall be called 5

Mike’s sister is having a little boy in the fall. They are planning on naming him Luke, which is a lovely name, but was vetoed in our house because of my past love of Luke Danes, so I’m happy for other people to use it. I will buy little Luke a blue baseball cap and […]

Vote for liquor! 8

I tried to participate in the political process this morning, but The Man is keeping me down. You see, my town is one of the few places in our county where one can purchase alcohol. Except on Sundays. And not in restaurants. In today’s election, there was a referendum on liquor in restaurants. I decided […]

You take the good, you take the bad . . . 2

Between Mike’s four English classes and my work schedule, this has been a difficult spring. Last week was especially difficult for many reasons, and I am grateful that it’s over. What really strikes me about last week, though, is not how difficult or draining it was, but how many “small graces” I was given to […]