Spoilers for the Gilmore Girls episode “I Get a Sidekick Out of You.”

Theresa, I’m not so sure what I can say that’s positive. At least Christopher slept in the chair? Has it really come to this, that I just have to be happy that Christopher and Lorelai didn’t sleep together?

So . . . I will attempt to distract you by passing on this fabulous information that the incomparable Al Lowe presented in her fabulous recap: The song that the kids were singing last week? The one with all the elements on the periodic table? Is a real song. You can listen to it here.

If that attempt to distract you didn’t really work, can I point out how funny it is that Mrs. Kim has a scary mom? And that she had to pretend to be a Buddhist for her own scary mom? How about Zach in that robe? Christopher . . . and that . . . sidekick thing . . . that was . . . funny. (I’m trying here!) Actually, I thought it was a good episode, just not in the feel good way. And as good as an episode can be without any Luke at all. Hopefully from here we’ll get to what we have been waiting half the season for: Lorelai and Luke finally having it out about April, the wedding, and all that has transpired since Thanksgiving. Keep on believing.

(I might need a hug.)

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