“You let women ride horses?”

Spoilers for “The Real Paul Anka.”

I woke up this morning to an erroneous announcement on TVGuide.com (you bet your sweet bippy that I checked it first thing this morning) saying that Team Palladino had left the building. And boy was I glad. Imagine my disappointment when I heard that it had been taken down (much like the EW article that said the same thing yesterday). For a long time, the mantra among fans has been, “Amy’s got a plan!” And I used to believe that. But the mess this season has been and the rumblings I’ve heard about what’s coming up (I am still not watching promos. But . . . I’m one of those people who reads the last few pages because I like to know where the story’s headed. So I know some – not all – of the general things, but I don’t know details of how they’re going to play out) make me think that, this year, Team Palladino was more focused on their new show (that got canned) than on my Girls, and I think it’s even possible that, after their new show got the axe (because of the WB/UPN merge), they sort of . . . made a mess on purpose. Knowing that they’d leave and someone else would have to deal with the Pod-like characters we’ve been dealing with this season. Because, I have to admit, while I do enjoy many of the Amy-penned episodes (and even some of the Daniel ones), I think that Amy has gotten more and more self-indulgent, and some of the remarks I’ve read make me think that she could be that vindictive.

So, there’s my rant. There’s no news yet, but I’m still hoping we get some new blood in next year.

As far as last night’s episode, from, “The real Paul Anka,” to, “Your pancakes are better,” from, “You let women ride horses?” to “The dress has pants!” from, “My dad can be kind of overprotective,” to, “Thanks, Jess,” was . . . good. I enjoyed it. It made me laugh and was sweet. The only scene I didn’t like was when Kirk was going on and on about bats and rats and mold . . . I turned to Mike and said, “All I can hear is, ‘Daniel wrote this episode, Daniel wrote this episode, Daniel wrote this episode.'” And the most important scene (besides Lorelai throwing coffee on that hideous dress that I can definitely see Mrs. Kim wearing) was when Emily was found playing cards in the diner with the girl she presumed was Luke’s daughter. Many many points to Emily for making an effort. I have mixed feelings about how she laid into Lorelai – on one hand, it was her usual pattern of blaming Lorelai for everything, and in this case, I do think Lorelai is trying to do the right thing. On the other hand, she is being way too passive. I’m afraid, though, that when Emily was talking, all Lorelai could hear was, “You’re a failure at relationships, you’re a failure at relationships.”

Anyway. On to our reasons why Luke and Lorelai are going to be okay.

-They only got one scene together, and it was very sweet (although marred a little bit by Lorelai’s passive-agressiveness about the bag). But the, “Can you step back so I can say goodbye to my girl?” and the, “I’m gonna call you a lot,” that they exchanged was more sweetness than we’d gotten from them in a while. [Palladino-inspired rant] I just wish the Palladinos weren’t so afraid of the show turning into, “You’re pretty, no you’re pretty,” that they backed off all genuine displays of affection. Yet another reason I’m hoping they’re gone.[/PIR] Anyway, it was good to see that they still like each other, hehe.

-April knows (or at least she does now) about Luke being engaged. I was honestly not sure if she did. And I still can’t tell whether she knew before, or whether her response to, “It’s complicated,” was just her way of saying, “Well, you certainly seem uncomfortable for whatever reason.” While I would certainly have liked Luke to introduce Rory and April as future stepsisters, I’ll take the nice (albeit uncomfortable) moment we got. Which brings me to my most recent theory. But first, let me set it up: April didn’t seem fazed at all about Luke having a fiancee. There had been some speculation that perhaps, for whatever reason, Luke was afraid that April had some kind of hangup about wanting her parents back together, so he hadn’t been talking to her about Lorelai. While it’s clear that she doesn’t know much about Lorelai, I can’t really imagine her wanting her parents back together. What I wonder is whether Anna has been putting some kind of pressure on Luke – not to get back together, but about April and time with April and making this easy for her. Which Luke has interpreted as, “I’d better not introduce her to my fiancee, because that might make things more complicated for her.” Maybe we will find out whether that’s true. It would go a long way in explaining Pod!Luke.

-And, let us not forget! The most important scene! Emily! Is! Accepting! This! Relationship! She was even trying to be nice to Luke’s daughter. This! Is! A! Good! Sign!

I have pretty much given up hope on a wedding this season (although I still think we’ll have one eventually). Do you think Lorelai is going to give Lane her dress?

Even without the wedding, this week and last week seem like an upswing, at least a little bit. Now if we could only get Rory to stop being so passive.

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