Monthly Archives: April 2006

Anna is not a Super Cool Party Person in my book. 1

Spoilers for the Gilmore Girls episode “Super Cool Party People.” Yesterday Emily reminded me that I am overdue for my Gilmore Girls entry for this week. “Yes,” I told her, “but thus far I have been unable to write about this week’s episode without resorting to all caps.” She agreed that the internet doesn’t really […]

Thoughts from a week of rain 3

After my accident on Saturday (what, you didn’t hear about that? Here’s the quick version: I borrowed Brian’s truck to move a picnic table, the truck hydroplaned, and I spun around before ending up in the embankment on 220. I’m fine, and the truck is mostly okay, at least as far as I know), I […]

May having each other make more of them both. 7

I hardly ever flat-out recommend books. There are many reasons for this. One is that I don’t like to share things that are close to my heart, because if you don’t like them, it’s like you don’t like me. Another is that I’m more than a little afraid of being Book Ass-Person (please see Adam’s […]

Dream a little dream. 11

In books, it’s funny how dreams always mean something. If I thought my dreams actually meant something, I would have dumped Mike for Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, it’s true, I did have a dream in which Napoleon was my boyfriend. He was a good boyfriend, very sweet. Also, in that same dream, I was an astronaut. […]

On milkshakes and Jesus. 8

Sometime back in the fall, I started keeping track of how stressful a day was by how many mini-candybars I ate. I didn’t count them as I was eating, but I’d count the wrappers afterward. When Alisa and Dawn came to visit me at work, they brought candy, so I added it to my stash […]

Ummmmmm. 3

Spoilers for the Gilmore Girls episode “I Get a Sidekick Out of You.” Theresa, I’m not so sure what I can say that’s positive. At least Christopher slept in the chair? Has it really come to this, that I just have to be happy that Christopher and Lorelai didn’t sleep together? So . . . […]

Two disconcerting conversations. 13

Let me set this first one up: Last week, Kelly and I had a freak-out conversation about how we are going to be 27 this summer. Actually, I am the one who was freaking out. She was relatively calm. In fact, she was the one who kept saying, “27,” while I kept screeching, “Stop saying […]

Here comes Peter Cottontail 2

For as long as I can remember, Grandma has hidden a particular brand of candy eggs at her house on Easter for the grandkids to find. The consensus among all the grandchildren is that those eggs are disgusting. Finding them wasn’t about the candy. It was all about the glory. So much glory that I […]

Tell me that you want the kind of things that money just can’t buy 11

I don’t think we live the most simple life possible. With Mike in school, though, we have cut back quite a lot. Not much eating out, no Netflix (thank you, public library and UNCG, for stocking new movies that we can check out for free), fewer movies in the theater, no new clothes, so on […]

“Martyrs of Uganda, 1881?” 3

My Life With the Saints got such good reviews that I decided I’d check it out myself. To be honest, I think I probably had some kind of idea that maybe it would make me think about Damian. I should know better than to bring too many expectations into a book. At first I wasn’t […]

“You let women ride horses?” 10

Spoilers for “The Real Paul Anka.” I woke up this morning to an erroneous announcement on (you bet your sweet bippy that I checked it first thing this morning) saying that Team Palladino had left the building. And boy was I glad. Imagine my disappointment when I heard that it had been taken down […]

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. 13

Why is it that every time I pass the Lifetime or Women’s Entertainment channels and Dirty Dancing is on, I have to stop and watch? There are plenty of movies that are shown all the time – I rememer The Princess Bride being on TBS a lot. That’s a respectable movie. But, no, I have […]

Squealing on the inside. 6

Now that Melissa has outed herself on the internet (and is at 11 weeks), I think it’s okay to talk about the fact that she’s pregnant again. When she called me and told me, I didn’t really do the woe-is-me-I-am-so-far-behind-everyone-as-far-as-having-children-goes thing that I used to do. I am behind most of my friends on the […]

It’s that time again. 6

(Spoilers for Gilmore Girls episode “I’m OK, You’re OK.”) Dear Theresa, I have to admit that, over the hiatus, I lost heart. I thought, “What will I say to Theresa? The past few episodes have been very depressing.” I thought I was going to have to convince you to encourage me. (Would you have been […]

Take me out to the ballgame. 6

MIKE: What are the Grasshoppers‘ colors? KARI: Green and *mumble* MIKE: What? KARI: *sigh* Green and orange. MIKE: Oh, so I can wear this shirt! KARI: NO! I’m wearing orange! You can’t wear orange! MIKE: No one will notice. KARI: I hate matching! We cannot match! If we match we can’t sit together! MIKE: I’ll […]

The great outdoors 10

The other night, Mike and I slept with the window open, to keep things cool upstairs. In theory, I like sleeping with the window open. I like nature and fresh air. I like crickets. I like the smell of fresh-cut grass (not ours). In practice, though, it’s not exactly like that. For one thing, our […]

Oh, what a night. 5

When I throw up in the middle of the night, I always go to the hall bathroom and close the door so that Mike won’t be able to hear me. If, somehow, he did (this has never happened), I would shoo him away. It’s really embarassing for someone to see you barfing. It’s pretty much […]