Can I have your tots?

This may be a shameful thing to admit, but Mike and I crack up every single time we see that Sonic commercial for the chili cheese tater tots. “Don’t you BRING that weak tot action! You go to your mouth STRONG or you don’t go at ALL!” I’m sure a lot of people find it annoying, but we just can’t help ourselves. I think it’s maybe because “tots” make us think of Napoleon Dynamite. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

We love this commercial so much that, when I went to the grocery store this morning, I bought some frozen tater tots. At Mike’s request. For dinner on Saturday night, we’re having chili and tater tots. Mike is in charge of the drop cloth necessary for each time one of us smacks a tot out of the other’s hand.

The last time I went to Sonic (heck, it might be the last time I had tater tots, but I won’t swear to that) was when I had mono almost three years ago. I got some kind of fancy beverage and tater tots. And then I went home and threw it all up. You can see why we’re not going to Sonic for our tots, but making them at home instead. Nice try, Sonic. We like your commercial, but not enough to erase the memory of that awful afternoon.

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