A pocketful of mumbles.

I have Mike’s socks on today, because all my black socks were in the wash. I’m not above wearing socks more than once, but mine were literally in the wash – I put a load in before we went to bed last night, so all my black socks were wet. I should have planned a little better, I know. Mike’s socks are a little too big for me, but it works. His are also softer and more comfortable. And they are almost like knee socks. What’s not to like?

Today’s confession: I have been working on Don’t Know Much About Mythology off and on for the past couple of weeks. I keep having to stop and read something more enjoyable. I’ve read five different books while being in the middle of this one. I never read like that. I am always a “read straight through” kind of girl. But yesterday I watched four episodes of Gilmore Girls season 5, just to keep from having to read. Not that watching Gilmore Girls is a hardship, but even Mike remarked that I am going to great lengths to keep from reading this book. It’s not that it’s bad, just that it’s probably more than I wanted to know. But I will finish it! Today at lunch I knocked out another 40 pages or so, and I’ve just got a little over a hundred left, so I should definitely be done by Wednesday. Usually when it’s this hard to get myself to read something, I just quit. But by the time I realized I was stuck, I was almost halfway done, and I wasn’t going to let all my previous effort be wasted. So here I am, plowing through it just to be done. All in all, not the best reading experience I’ve ever had.

The weekend went much too quickly, and now I’m staring down a week in which I need to get a lot of things settled before we go on vacation. I’ve got books checked out, I’ve started planning what to pack (you can see my priorities – books before clothes), and I can’t wait to be in Florida.

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