The 1991 test.

The other day, my mom and I were talking about how things changed around these parts after 1991. Before 1991, it was rare to see a Duke fan. People cared about State and Carolina, and there was some support for Wake, but the Duke fans were very outnumbered. And then came 1991, when Duke won the national championship. Suddenly, there were Duke fans everywhere. Duke sweatshirts, Duke bumper stickers. Where did they all come from? Why were these people suddenly so interested in being Duke fans? It couldn’t possibly be because they were trying to associate themselves with a winning team, could it? Could it?

Yeah, it could.

So, there’s a very simple test. If you were a Duke fan before 1991, you get a pass. You’re legit. My dad falls under this exemption. He switched allegiances, but he did it before 1991, so I can’t fault him. I don’t agree, but I can’t fault him. But if you were born before 1991 and became a Duke fan after 1991, you are a bandwagon fan. Period. The worst possible kind of fan. A fan who feels the need to associate him or herself with a team just to elevate his or her own importance. And so, after 1991, you saw Duke fans popping up all across the country after 1991. I have no use for bandwagon fans of any team. But of all the ones I’ve met, the Duke bandwagon fans are the worst.

The game on Tuesday night was a pretty good one. I enjoyed watching it, actually. I wasn’t counting on Carolina winning – I was just proud that they hung in. But it sure is interesting to see how many bandwagon fans (they’re easy to spot) feel the need to taunt me about it. I’m way past pinning my happiness on a bunch of 20-year olds. I got over that in high school. I am happy when they do well, but it doesn’t get me down if they lose. But you bandwagon fans, you go ahead and taunt as much as you want. I’m not all that impressed with your opinions to begin with.

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