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We do more before 9 am . . . 14

I still think people who enjoy running are sadists. This morning I went running, and, admittedly, it was the first time in a while, and, admittedly, it was very windy and therefore not prime running conditions. I wore my blue hat and my blue gloves. I had my iPod. I was ready to brave the […]

May your swords stay sharp for a very very very long time 11

Eragon was a book I always thought I’d get around to reading, and then I agreed to lead a book discussion on Eldest, so I figured I’d better read them both. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, Eldest got so bad that I was counting down pages, […]

Something tells me you’re too scared to go 7

I went and visited a friend in Carrboro today. That’s close to Chapel Hill, for you non-North Carolinians. I drove down Franklin Street to Carrboro, and I saw all these places that I used to know, places I spent time with friends. Caribou Coffee. 411 West. Jersey Mike’s. Armadillo Grill. I never spent quite enough […]

And your eyes light up when we talk about the past 5

I sometimes wonder where it is, exactly, that people who don’t go to church meet their friends. Sure, that’s a bit silly, but yesterday I hung out with my friend Melissa (met through IV and attended the same church), had lunch with my new friend Ginny (from church), and had afternoon tea (mmmm, scones) with […]

Geof, you probably shouldn’t read this. 22

KARI: Yesterday Jason linked to some pictures from Snakes on a Plane. MIKE: How did they look? KARI: There were snakes. MIKE: What were they doing? KARI: They were on the plane. MIKE: And Samuel L. Jackson? KARI: Was being his regular badass self. MIKE: I wish I had known that he just likes working, […]

You guys really are obnoxious jerks. 11

When I was in middle school, somehow or another I fell in love with Obnoxious Jerks. Not guys who treated me poorly, but The Obnoxious Jerks (or Obnoious Jeks), a book about a group of intelligent guys who made it their goal to shake up the status quo by doing things like performing the school […]

“I’m sure he has some.” 11

This morning I went to the dentist for my regular checkup. They asked how the surgery went, and I griped a bit about the side effects I experienced and how the oral surgeon’s office didn’t have quite what I was looking for in the customer service area. The dental hygienist thought I was overreacting, I […]

May your swords stay sharp! 0

(Some slight spoilers for Eragon below.) I’ve been reading Eragon, finally, and while I like it okay, I was saying to Mike last night (or was it this morning?) that it’s never going to be a book I own. “We do own it,” he said. “That’s our copy.” “No, I mean, it’s not going to […]

The glory of heaven 4

During the sermon, I think our pastor said something that included the phrase “the glory of heaven.” Maybe I’m imagining that he said it, because that’s actually a phrase I’ve been pondering a bit lately, as it comes up a lot in our Advent book. One of the angels tells Elisabet that wildflowers are “a […]

A little grace in the parking deck 4

I like my job, and I like how things have turned out, but now and then I wonder what it would have been like if I had gotten that other job, the one I thought I really wanted. I was there the other day, which is always strange. I know the building so well, I […]

It’s this red cup and that brown chair. 11

I had Friday off, because I had to work Saturday, so between cookies and scrapbooking time with Melissa and Emily and Jason and Alisa’s party (which all happened on Friday), it seemed like I almost got a four-day weekend. I haven’t seen any accounts of Jason and Alisa’s party yet, but I am sure someone […]

For Brian. 10

Last night I read Richard Roeper’s 10 Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed & Other Surprising Lists. One chapter made me think of you. I’d like to share it with you here. 5 reasons why George Bailey isn’t such a wonderful guy in It’s a Wonderful Life. 1. When George learns that Uncle Billy […]

Like spring and swinging and talking with your friends over some tea. 4

“Love is a healing thing, love is a believing thing, like spring and swinging and talking with your friends over some tea.” -Sarah Masen’s version of “Love” Yesterday morning I was doing some cleaning in the kitchen, and I looked around and thought how much I love that room of our house. It’s big and […]

And a little child shall lead us. 1

Last year I saw about seven different movies in the theater. Two I loved: Pride and Prejudice, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One I liked a lot: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. One was silly and fun: Bride and Prejudice. And two were disappointments: Revenge of the Sith and The Lion, the […]

It was cool, it was all pretend 6

I should start off by saying that I know that my way of doing things is not the only way that works. I hope I am not so self-centered as to think that I have a corner on . . . well, pretty much anything. People are wired in different ways, and therefore do things […]

He’s a beaver, he shouldn’t be saying anything! 7

I do not like stories about animals that talk. Now, sure, Narnia features talking animals, but it’s not from the perspective of talking animals (or really about them unless you are going to say that the whole series is about Aslan, which is not really how I think about them. And I think you could […]

Christmas bakeoff 2006 17

KARI: *hangs up phone* GAH! MIKE: What? KARI: You know how I baked five different kinds of cookies, two kinds of bread, and one kind of muffin for Christmas presents? MIKE: Yes. KARI: You know what recipe people want? MIKE: No. KARI: The cookies you made. MIKE: The chocolate ones? KARI: You made one kind […]

Books read 2005. 16

I think, given Mike’s goal for this year, it’s appropriate that the first book I read in the new year was A Year at the Movies by Kevin Murphy. We’re apparently going to have quite a bit of movie watching in our house this year. Brian and Sarah gave Mike that book for Christmas, and […]