In which Kari succumbs to Christmas

I give in. Christmas trees at work, Christmas music on the radio when I wake up in the mornings, making plans for December, Christmas in all the stores – I was able to resist all of that, but Sunday afternoon I helped decorate the church for Advent, and I finally decided I could give in and get into the spirit. I had so much fun decorating the tree in the fellowship hall with my friends (after we finally figured out how that particular tree needed to be put together), hanging ornaments in the windows, putting greenery and other decorations on windowsills and on the baptistry doors . . . normally I do decorating with my family, so it was nice to decorate the church with some of my family there, too, and get to spend time with people whose names I know but normally don’t spend time with. This year’s theme is “Like a Child,” so a lot of the decorations were old toys and books, and it looked really nice. I love how our church celebrates the holiday, and I am especially excited this year because they got together an Advent devotional by having lots of different people from the church write a reflection based on a few verses and the song we are using as our theme. I really wanted to read what everyone had written, but I’m going to be good and just do one a day. I wrote something, and I’ll post mine when we get a little closer to Christmas, since my day was December 27. Mike wrote one, too, so I’ll make sure he posts his.

To celebrate my acceptance of the Christmas season, Mike put some Christmas music on my iPod, and I’ve been listening to Behold the Lamb. I listened to Christmas music (on my iPod) when I did the Thanksgiving shopping at Wal-Mart, even. So, yeah, I broke my own rule, but I’m still excited about Thanksgiving! Mike and I are even making our own turkey and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole on Friday because he loves leftovers! And that’s the day we’re going to put up our (new pre-lit) tree and our other decorations and maybe even bake Christmas cookies.

I am looking forward to a few days off, seeing Pride and Prejudice again, and making some headway on the Christmas shopping. Normally I don’t like to wish a week away, but this week hasn’t been great so far, so I don’t really mind getting to the vacation part of it.

A lot of the songs I have been listening to are songs that directly relate to last year’s Andrew Peterson concert (which we will not be attending this year). The one that I am loving the most right now is “Manger Throne” by Julie Miller. I listened to it a lot in Wal-Mart last night.

What kind of king would come so small
From glory to a humble stall
That dirty manger is my heart too
I’ll make it a royal throne for You

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