Do you want your sandwich now, or do you want to wait until the lights go down?

I used to say that one of my favorite things about Mike was that when we went to the movies, we went to the movies. We got there early for good seats, we bought popcorn and soda. He and I have never gone to the movies a whole lot, but when we did, for something big, we really enjoyed ourselves.

These days, though, our finances are not what they were and ticket prices have gone up, so when we go to the movies, it’s usually a matinee, and we usually don’t buy food. Instead, we have mastered the art of sneaking food into the movies. Of course it’s not hard, of course everyone does it, but it’s still extremely satisfying to eat a homemade sandwich in the movie theater, to pop open your soda just as the lights go down (so everybody hears it), or even, in Mike’s case, to open your hard lemonade. I first learned of the glory of sneaking in food back when I was in college. My family went to the movies very rarely, and we often brought things in, but I remember my dad being more of the, “I am carrying this food in and I don’t care who knows it” type. There was not a whole lot of sneaking. In college, though, I remember meeting my friends at the movie theater and then realizing that everyone had snuck in something different: homemade cookies, twizzlers, chex mix. A veritable feast.

For the past two movies, Mike and I have done a lot of planning, and have used our winter coats to our advantage, as well as my “sneaking food into the movie theater” purse. For Pride and Prejudice, Mike had pistachios and a bottle of water, while I had M&Ms and a Coke Zero. But we stepped it up for Harry Potter: a sandwich for each of us, water for him, Coke Zero for me, and various assorted candies. All of which was cheaper than one bottle of water would have cost at the theater. I’m beginning to think I’ll never go back to my old ways. hehe.

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