Blatant emotional manipulation

Mike made a Road Trip Mix full of songs that we both like, or that he thinks we both like, and we listened to it on the way to and from Wilmington. Here are a few of the actual songs and our actual conversation based on them. See if you can find a theme.

“What Susan Said” by Rich Mullins

MIKE: Do you like this song?

KARI: Not really, because it reminds me that Susan is probably going to move away, and that makes me sad.

MIKE: Susan’s moving away?

KARI: Well, she might be. And it makes me sad. I want her to stay here.

MIKE: Me, too.

“Yellow” by Coldplay

KARI: Remember that time we were in Target with Susan and we were singing my made-up lyrics to “Yellow” and giggling? And then we went to see Coldplay and they played this song. Those were fun times. We won’t do that if she moves away.

“Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees

KARI: This song makes me sad, because it says, “Strumming my pain with his fingers,” which makes me think of hands, and we all know doctors have amazing hands, which makes me think of Susan, which reminds me that she’s moving away.

“100 Miles to Charleston” by Martha’s Trouble

KARI: Susan’s staying in Charleston right now.

MIKE: Why is she in Charleston?

KARI: Some rotation.

MIKE: I bet this song makes you sad. Charleston is more than 100 miles from where we live.

KARI: And it reminds me that she’s moving away forever.

“Lightning Crashes” by Live

KARI: This song makes me think of Susan because it mentions a doctor, and Susan is going to be a doctor. And she’s moving away.

“Lead of Love” by Caedmon’s Call

KARI: This song makes me think of Susan because we met on

MIKE: And she’s moving away. That’s sad.

“Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows

MIKE: This song makes me think of Susan because her last name is not Jones.

KARI: And her first name is not Maria. But she has been to Spain, so she probably does know Spanish dances.

MIKE: She gave me a bottle of wine for my birthday.

KARI: “I wish I was beautiful.” Susan is beautiful.

MIKE: Too bad she’s moving away.

“Amish Paradise” by Weird Al

KARI: I bet Susan would laugh at this song.

MIKE: Fool.

“Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips

MIKE: This is your Gilmore Girls song.

KARI: Yeah, and Susan likes Gilmore Girls. When she moves away, we won’t be able to watch it together anymore.

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by REM

KARI: I wish I knew all the words to this song.

MIKE: I bet Susan knows them. If she wasn’t moving away, she could teach them to you.

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police

MIKE: When Susan moves away, we can stalk her.

“Graceland” by Paul Simon and “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn

KARI: Susan’s interviewing in Memphis. Or she’s going there in between interviews or something.

MIKE: She should interview in North Carolina. And, uh, why do you know so much about her schedule? Are you already stalking her?

KARI: Possibly. Who wants to know?

“Hypothetically” by Lyfe Jennings

KARI: I can’t believe you put this on here. I am going to kill Brandon.

MIKE: “Technically you’re the baby’s daddy anyway.”

KARI: This song doesn’t really make me think of Susan at all. But I do like that “confessed it/you get tested” rhyme. Nicely done.

“Florida” by Patty Griffin

KARI: We went to see Patty Griffin with Susan.

MIKE: We won’t be able to do anything like that after she moves. Is she interviewing in Florida?

KARI: I don’t think so.

MIKE: You really know a lot about her schedule.

KARI: I pay attention. Good friends pay attention. They don’t move away.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland

KARI: This one’s easy: Susan loves Wicked.

MIKE: If she moves away, you’ll probably be unable to watch The Wizard of Oz.

KARI: I’ll be too sad.

“Fix You” by Coldplay

MIKE: This was the last song they played at the concert.

KARI: We were there with Susan. This could be the last song we listened to together before she leaves.

MIKE: That might be stretching it a bit.

KARI: Doctors fix people?

MIKE: There you go.

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