Four items that wouldn’t add up to blog entries on their own.


The only time we watch commercials these days is when we’re watching sports (thank you, TiVo). And with NFL and post-season baseball both getting a fair amount of airtime in our house, we’ve seen more commercials than usual. There’s a weird commercial . . . I’m not sure what it’s for, maybe wireless internet or something? In the middle of it, there’s a desk lamp coming up an escalator. And it seriously creeps me out. I call it, “When office furniture attacks.” I don’t know why I am so frightened of it, but it really does scare me.


When I was growing up, I’d always get holes in my shoes from where my big toenail pokes up. It was the worst in Keds. I realized last week that it still happens and I’m gonna have to be careful or my Mary Janes are going to have a hole in them. And that would seriously suck.


Over the weekend, while one game or another was on, we found that Dirty Dancing was on another channel, and we kept flipping between baseball and Patrick Swayze. I think that it’s best to see Dirty Dancing every few years, because I truly enjoy reveling in its awfulness. But I wouldn’t want to overdo it. The last time I saw it was before Mike and I got married, so it was time to see it again. Of course, we only saw the last 45 minutes or so, but that’s the good stuff anyway, right?

Mike is taking a class on the history of film, and one of his projects is to take a movie that’s not currently considered a “masterpiece of cinema” and make a case (including a 3-minute clip) for its inclusion on one of those “great movies” lists. I told him that I would give him millions of cool points if he could make a serious case for Dirty Dancing and then present it. The problem is that neither of us could come up with any reasons besides, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” (By the way, Mike didn’t realize that Kelly Bishop is Baby’s mom. hehe.) “I always do the last dance of the season. This year somebody told me not to.” I’m going to keep working on it, but obviously the clip he should show is from the end. What better scene is there to prove that this movie deserves a place among the best?


On Gilmore Girls, this has been the season of adult conversations. I complained all last season that I just wanted Luke and Lorelai to talk about the things they were thinking, and they’ve done that several times already this season. I have to say that I really enjoyed last night’s episode. It felt old-school to me in a lot of ways – Rory seemed likeable, Emily was the same old “love-to-hate-her” person that I remember, and Richard’s realization at the end made him seem less hateful than he has been. Luke and Lorelai’s story didn’t get as much screentime, but I enjoyed their scenes. Their relationship seems miles better than it was last season. I was surprised this morning to get on some websites and see people bashing it. The main complaint seems to be the lack of Luke/Lorelai affection, but it doesn’t bug me. They were cooking dinner and spending time with friends, mostly, and making out isn’t really appropriate for those times. They seem normal, which I appreciate. It’s also been great not to watch any promos, because I am just enjoying the story as it unfolds.

The only thing that bugged me was when Lorelai fed Paul Anka off a plastic spoon and then put the spoon on the counter. Gross.

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