The Great Band Search of 2005

I don’t think I’ll ever be a huge Coldplay fan, but I have to say that they have gone up in my estimation after last night’s show. For one thing, there are three songs of theirs that I know all the words to, and they played all three of them. So that was a good thing. Selfish, yes, but I appreciated it immensely. In addition, Chris Martin is funny and I like the way he skips around the stage. I did not get to see this myself from my view almost two miles away (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea), but Mike says that he is also very pretty. But I’ll let Mike tell you about that. (In other words, go bug him to tell you about seeing Coldplay on two consecutive nights.) It was a good crowd who was into the show, and the show was full of memorable moments both on (“The Scientist”) and off (“the lost diamond ring incident”) the stage.

As Susan already explained, the night was full of fun: snacks galore, a crazy Target run, counting all kinds of things, free sodas, parking two miles away from the pavilion (not an exaggeration this time), and lots and lots of giggling. Poor Mike, surrounded by estrogen.

This morning we were in bed and I turned to Mike and said, “What’s my favorite band?” I mean, Alisa wasn’t sure the other day when she filled out that survey thing, and I realized . . . I don’t know either. I spent so many years with Caedmon’s as my favorite band, and even though they aren’t anymore, I haven’t found anything to replace them. As we talked about it this morning, we decided that there’s not a band that I have to have their CD as soon as it comes out. The closest thing would be Counting Crows, but that’s Mike’s favorite band, so it’s more like I know I’m going to hear their CD as soon as it comes out, and I am curious as to how much I am going to like it because I know I will have to listen to it for three solid years until they finally decide to put out a new CD. (Aside: Why can’t Mike have a favorite band that has more than four CDs? I am a little tired of those four CDs. Can someone speak to Adam Duritz about this? Get him to make some more music, please?) There are a few individual artists whose CDs are always must-haves for me: Patty Griffin and Miranda Stone, to name a couple. But no bands. I used to be quite a music girl, but something . . . lack of time or the sheer volume of music, maybe . . . has made me back off from that quite a bit.

This is where you come in. I need some recommendations for new bands to try. What are your favorite bands? What are your favorite albums and songs of those bands? I need a band to be passionate about again. Help me find one. Please.

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