26 items regarding one weekend

A – Alcohol. One of our friends makes his own beer, and I had one on Saturday that was Chocolate and Hazelnut flavored (I think that’s right . . . I don’t remember what he said and I didn’t think it tasted much like chocolate or hazlenut, but that’s not the point) and it was the first time I’d ever actually drunk a whole beer. (See also Kevin and Lisa, below)

B – Barbeque. Mike made a ton of barbeque yesterday like he did on July 4th, and it was delicious.

C – College student pizza party. There was a pizza party for college students on Sunday after church, so obviously Mike was invited. College students were told to bring their roommates, and as his roommate, I also got to attend. Hee.

D – Daniel and Marnie. These are some friends from church who were also at the lake with us (see, Kevin and Lisa and waterskiing, below).

E – Eight-thirty. The time that Mike fell asleep on Saturday night after being at the lake all day. (See also: Kevin and Lisa and Waterskiing.)

F – Fireworks. There were fireworks after the Grasshoppers game. (See Grasshoppers game.) And it wasn’t even birthday eve.

G – Grasshoppers game. We went on Monday night to the last game of the season. The Grasshoppers (I typed Bats and had to fix it) were down 5-0 but came back to win 7-6. Nice way to close out the season.

H – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I’m leading a discussion on the book next week at the library, and I decided I needed to reread before then. I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and I have pages upon pages of notes.

I – Ice cream. It went pretty well with the peach cobbler I made last night (oh, did I spoil the surprise? See Peach Cobbler, below).

J – Jalapeno flavored chips. On the way to the lake (see also Kevin and Lisa and waterskiing), we stopped and got some water and some chips, and Mike got my favorite – jalapeno flavored. Yum. We had the bag finished by Sunday afternoon.

K – Kevin and Lisa. They took us out on their boat on Saturday. (See also sore and waterskiing, below.) They’re in our Sunday School class, but we hadn’t spent much time with them, so it was fun to get to know them a little better.

L – Losing record. Unfortunately, the Grasshoppers have a losing record this year. I was glad they won the last game of the season. (WAFFLES!)

M – Mike’s stage fright. The dirty little secret about going to a lake is the fact that everyone pees in it. Mike, though, had a little stage fright one time when he was trying to go. He was hanging on to the back of the boat and he got a little nervous about the propeller (even though the boat was off). “I saw Indiana Jones,” he said, “and I don’t want to be cut up.” [He would like me to point out that even though we kept accusing him of being afraid of being sucked under by the propellers, that he was just afraid of knocking one with his foot and getting cut.]

N – New waffle song. Oh, how I love to yell WAFFLES at the Grasshoppers games. Yesterday was the first time we’d been there since July 4th, and they now have a SONG. About WAFFLES. I was so excited that I was hopping up and down in my seat. Unfortunately, the Waffle House strikeout victim struck out the very first time he was up at bat, so I only got to hear the song once. Did that keep me from yelling WAFFLES! every time he was at bat? No it did not.

O – Obsessed with Cameron Kent. At the Grasshoppers game last night, I was fairly sure that we were sitting a few rows behind one of the local news anchors and his family. Mike, however, did not believe that was the case. The evening turned into me saying things like, “Cameron Kent is a family man! He loves baseball and apple pie!” and Mike trying to get me to shut up. I also dared him to go ask “Cameron Kent” for his autograph and he said, “How about you dare me to do something I am actually going to do, like filling this water bottle up? I am not going to ask that man – who is not Cameron Kent – for his autograph.” I couldn’t stop watching “Cameron Kent” play with his kids and enjoy the game. I am not the only one who was looking at him, so I am pretty sure that it really was him. No matter what Mike says.

P – Peach cobbler. Yeah, I tried again. And it turned out pretty well! I would do some things differently the next time, but at least I got the recipe to work.

Q – Questions. We played Book Lover’s Trivial Pursuit on Friday night while we were eating dinner. Well, okay, we didn’t play it, but we did ask questions. It was a lot of fun to finally get Mike to agree to play with me. It was really fun when we would answer questions at the same time.

R – Reading. I got lots of reading done this weekend. Marnie lent me Savannah Blues, which was fun, and I finished The Writing on the Wall which was sad but ended well, and I’m about 2/3 of the way through my Harry Potter reread.

S – Sore. See, waterskiing, below. It killed my shoulders. It hurt to move. I tried to get Mike to cut my arms off because of the pain. He declined.

T – Trim. Actually, it was more than just a trim. Mike’s hair had gotten incredibly long, but he finally had me cut it for him on Sunday afternoon. He stood in the doorway with the black box that holds the clippers and the scissors, and I looked at him and said, “Are you sure?” His hair looks very nice now.

U – UV rays. I didn’t get burned on Saturday, except that my nose was a little pink.

V – Virginia Tech. Mike has decided that we are going to watch college football this year, and as a lot of our church friends (read: Daniel and Marnie and Kevin and Lisa) are Tech fans, he thinks we should pull for Virginia Tech. Which is fine with me, but I realized that I have only ever seen one college football game in my entire life, and I just don’t have a lot of interest. As evidenced by the fact that, on Sunday, he said, “Our team is playing today!” and I was like, “The Panthers are playing today?” Oh, well.

W – Waterskiing. I had never been waterskiing before, and I wasn’t all that successful, but at least I tried. I was getting a little better, but I got so tired and couldn’t really keep attempting, plus I kept swallowing a lot of lake water.

X – Xavier Arroyo. He plays for the Grasshoppers. That’s the best I can do. (Hey, I was going to say Xylophone. But no one played the xylophone this weekend. Which is too bad, because any weekend would be improved with xylophone playing.)

Y – “Yellow.” We’re going to see Coldplay next weekend, and I dreamed that we saw them and i went to the bathroom and they played Yellow while I was gone, which is one of the only songs I know, and I was crazy mad. hehe.

Z – Well, zzzzz usually indicates sleep. It was a very restful and fun weekend. I hope you weren’t bored to sleep by reading about it.

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