Three lists.

Some recent things I am proud of:

-On Thursday night, I made it to Susan’s house without directions! I had been there twice, so I figured I could do it, but still, yay for me!

-On Friday, I made shortcakes for the celebratory Brian-got-a-job dinner. It was funny, because that was how my family always ate strawberry shortcake (sweet biscuits with strawberries and whipped cream), but Brian, Sarah, and Mike hadn’t had it like that.

-I (finally) finished The Moviegoer.

-I bought a wedding present about six weeks early and delivered it to the bride on Sunday. I usually take it to the wedding even though I know you’re technically not supposed to. This time, though, I actually delivered it early because the bride and groom both live in Charlotte and their wedding is in Virginia. I couldn’t see taking it to Virginia just for them to have to bring it back here.

Some recent things I am not so proud of:

-My peach cobbler. I am so disappointed that it didn’t turn out quite right. We’re not sure if the shortening was too old (we don’t use it all that often) or if there was another problem. The crust just tasted bad. I am normally a very good baker, so Mike very supportively suggested that the problem is that Betty Crocker is a whore. I was just sad enough to agree. (When I mentioned that “whore” isn’t a very nice thing to say, he changed it to “homewrecker.”)

-My hair. It’s so long. I don’t know what to do with it. It made me cry yesterday.

-My lack of forgiveness. I have noticed lately that I am pretty bitter towards a few people and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Other things of note:

Shelby is getting married really soon! I went to one of her showers today and it was fun to see all her new stuff! And her mom! And some of her friends I hadn’t seen in a while! Shelby makes me talk in exclamation points because She! Is! So! Fun!

-After last night’s sad peach cobbler incident, Mike decided to drive with me to Charlotte for Shelby’s shower so that we could then go to P.F. Chang’s! Delicious.

-We watched Ocean’s 12. It was funny. Not as good as Ocean’s 11, though.

-Mike and I ate the world’s best brownies today (and that is not one bit of an exaggeration – I have had them before and nothing else comes close) from Dean & DeLuca.

-We’ve hooked some more of our friends on Harry Potter by lending them the books on CD for their vacation. mwuhahahahaha!

That’s about it. Is that enough for one weekend?

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