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I knew I was supposed to change but changing’s hard and it was easier just to play video games 3

When it came out a few months ago, I had thought I would read Everything Bad is Good for You, and another friend, who often talks with me about movies and reality television, said that she enjoyed it, so I grabbed it from the shelf yesterday as I was leaving work. The basic premise of […]

Gilmore Girls news 1

Season 5 on DVD December 13. And Mike said I wasn’t allowed to count down to the premiere until two weeks before. So I’ll say: TWO MORE WEEKS! Yay!

Mike is hardcore about hide-and-seek. 7

What you really need to know about yesterday’s trip to Rock Hill is that Mike is so hardcore about hide-and-seek that he hid in a Rubbermaid container. From his five-year-old nephew (and his twenty-six-year-old wife). When I was hiding from the five-year-old, I hid behind a tree. And I planned to let him catch me. […]

100 bottles of milk 2

KARI: Now you got that stupid song in my head. Fix it. MIKE: Okay . . . how about this? “This is the song that doesn’t end, it just goes on and on my friend . . .” KARI [singing a slightly slow, jazzy version]: “Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, […]

I will not bend I will not break 9

It’s amazing how the human body heals – bones knit themselves back together and our skin can mend and so many parts of our bodies just seem to work out what is wrong (given enough time and treatment). But the other thing that’s amazing is how our injuries linger. When I was in second grade, […]

What I know for sure 6

I have seen some interviews where Oprah asked people, usually celebrities, what they know for sure. The one I remember vividly was when the women from The Hours were on, and Nicole Kidman said something like, “Be open and trust people,” and Meryl Streep said she knew she was never going to lose the weight […]

“I suggest the script writers reevaluate their character development” 7

Mugabe Speaks Out Against Rory Gilmore

I’m going to see Nancy Pearl! 6

At least, it looks like I am. She’s speaking at NCLA this year about Reader’s Advisory (“I like this book, can you recommend some similar books?”) and I’m going to go. What’s that? You don’t know who Nancy Pearl is? Yes you do: She’s the Seattle librarian who was the inspiration for the librarian action […]

Marshmallows and crisco 4

I forgot an important event from over the weekend. Remember how I said that we made s’mores the other day by toasting marshmallows on fondue forks over the side burner of our grill? I realized on Friday that Mike didn’t know how to heat marshmallows in the microwave. So of course I had to show […]

Yes, it’s another Harry Potter post. 2

Spoilers through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ahead. So, it’s been a little over a month. Mike’s been rereading the first five Harry Potter books, looking for clues, and I’ve been cruising the web, reading essays and discussions, coming up with theories. On one of the boards I’ve been reading, someone linked […]

Three lists. 16

Some recent things I am proud of: -On Thursday night, I made it to Susan’s house without directions! I had been there twice, so I figured I could do it, but still, yay for me! -On Friday, I made shortcakes for the celebratory Brian-got-a-job dinner. It was funny, because that was how my family always […]

An announcement and some music 16

If you haven’t seen Mike’s announcement, perhaps you should click on over and read it. If I don’t post for a while, it may be because I withheld the Diet Coke and he killed me. Just be aware. Lately I haven’t been interested in much of anything. It’s been quite a week. However, in an […]

A weekend with Mike and Kari 12

On Saturday, we went to a wedding of a former employee of Mike’s. USHER: Bride or groom? KARI: Um, bride, I guess. Kari and Mike are led to the very last row in the very back of the church. MIKE: Look at all that room on the groom’s side. You should have said, ‘first available.’ […]

Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it. 2

(I didn’t mention Nicole by name when I talked about my friendship with her and Kim because I was focusing on Kim, so here’s a little bit about Nicole.) My ninth birthday took place just weeks before my family was moving. One of my best friends (the third member of the Owls) was moving the […]

I should spend more time laughing at myself, I should spend more time laughing. 11

(I can’t believe I’ve never used that quote for a title before.) A few weeks ago, Sarah talked about why she is afraid of thunderstorms. I get a little freaked out at thunderstorms (or any loud noises, really) when I’m asleep, but overall I like them, especially in the evening when they cool things off. […]

The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. 14

I tend to go through phases where I read one author or one subject for a few weeks. I thought about that last night, because I am finishing up Shake Hands with the Devil and starting We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families. And since I keep a […]

My green shirt 7

Yesterday morning I was doing some ironing and I picked up a green cotton polo shirt that I got a couple of years ago from American Eagle. As I was pressing it, I thought about the reason I bought it: I had to have a difficult conversation with someone, and I decided that a new […]

A sofa and a baby. (And a bit of grumpiness.) 7

Today I’m feeling especially grumpy. I had all these different ideas for topics, including “uninformed people who try to tell you what to do when you are actually the one who knows what is going on” and “people who don’t take you at your word” and “people who are super-critical.” But then I realized that […]

The worst punchline of all time. 8

“So he just drove all the way to New York, picked up the cheese, drove back. Nobody talked about it ever again.” We watched the Gilmore Girls episode “Dear Emily and Richard” the other night, and besides the fact that it makes both of us feel awkward to see Luke all GQed up for Nicole, […]

Seizing the summer: salsa edition 1

The summer is still being seized at our house. The latest and greatest thing we are doing has to do with our garden. And when I say “garden,” I really mean, “four tomato plants and a couple different kinds of peppers.” But let’s not get too technical. Our few plants have been such a success […]