Mental health day

Today has been a day of cleaning, a day of coffee, and a day of finally getting some flooring in the house. The kitchen and upstairs bathroom are done, the front part of the downstairs is almost done, and I’m not sure about whether we’ll get carpet today or Monday. Regardless, the house is already in much better shape. I’m hoping to have a lot of the straightening that the house so desperately needed done by late afternoon so I can spend the evening relaxing in whatever manner I choose (but it’s a safe bet to assume it will involve reading).

I really needed a day like this, even more than I realized. Mike has been great about doing so much of the painting and taking so much responsibility for the great redecorating project caused by the flooding, but I have still found myself pretty exhausted the past few weeks, just from lack of time. Last week I was busy almost every evening, and it just seems like nothing around the house was getting done. Probably because it wasn’t. Plus, I’ve been kind of discouraged at work, and yesterday’s discussion failure didn’t really help. More than just cleaning to help my emotional state, I find that I needed some me time. That’s what I miss the most about student life, especially when I was in grad school – being able to piddle around the house on rainy days like this, refilling up my coffee cup, cooking breakfast around 11, being productive while still being relaxed.

When Mike decided to go to Atlanta this weekend for a weekend of fun at Casa Holland, I was actually really excited, both that he will get that fun experience and that I will get to stay home by myself. I love spending time with him, but I haven’t had any time to myself in a while, and I know he’ll have a great time this weekend while I am improving my mental health here. Sometimes I wonder how the McCartneys were able to spend so much time together . . . I am glad Mike doesn’t have a job that requires him to go away very often, but I think it’s good for both of us to get a day to ourselves every now and then. I know he’ll appreciate both the work I have done on the house and my renewed mental state when he gets back.

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