The first thing I learned in college . . .

The College Girls did a series about the first thing they learned in college. I am not sure what I would say the first thing I learned in college was, but it probably had something to do with Indian food not being for everyone.

To celebrate completing our first week of college, a group of girls from my hall went to the Indian restaurant on Tate Street, which is the UNCG version of Franklin Street. Sort of. I would guess that there were around 10-12 of us, although I can’t remember exactly who was there. I had never really had Indian food before, but some of the girls helped us through it, and the waiter was very nice, and we had some great dishes. I like spicy food, and there was plenty of that, as well as more tame stuff for the girls with less cast-iron stomachs than mine.

(An aside: I tend to think of myself as unfeminine in the area of spicy food, because I love spicy stuff – not hot for the sake of being hot, but hot and flavorful, definitely – but many/most of my friends can’t eat things if they are too spicy.)

Anyway, that night was probably the first time I’d eaten spicy food with people who weren’t my family, and, when many of them were in the bathroom for the rest of the evening, I realized that not everyone can handle the heat. hehe.

That was probably the only time that particular group hung out, and I always wished we’d do it again (although, obviously, there was no way that many of them would agree to go back to that restaurant). So maybe I also learned a few things about friendship, about those “instant bonds” you think are going to last, about making the most of late-night pizza and trips to Ben and Jerry’s because you might not have them again, at least in that particular way.

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