Four aces

When we were at the beach, we played a fair amount of poker. Scott and Kelly brought their chips, and we played a lot of Texas Hold ‘Em (and, strangely enough, War, which has nothing to do with poker or chips, but I’ll mention it anyway since it’s been years since I played War). We also played a few hands of some other games . . . I don’t remember exactly what, but there was one in particular where Mike had five cards in his hand and he was allowed to use two of them in combination with three that were on the table. There was one ace on the table, and when a second ace turned, he made a hampster gasp of joy. Scott and Kelly and I looked at him and Kelly said, “He’s got the other two aces.” Mike, who has the worst poker face in the world, started grinning. “Mike,” Kelly said, “do you have the other two aces?” He giggled, turned red, and nodded. (Joseph somehow didn’t see all this happen, or he didn’t believe me when I said that Mike has the worst poker face in the world, so he played the hand after the rest of us folded, and Mike did in fact have the four aces.)

For the rest of the week (and even now, really), all we had to do was say, “Mike, do you have four aces?” and he would start giggling. Try it sometime. It’s fun.

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