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Mental health day 5

Today has been a day of cleaning, a day of coffee, and a day of finally getting some flooring in the house. The kitchen and upstairs bathroom are done, the front part of the downstairs is almost done, and I’m not sure about whether we’ll get carpet today or Monday. Regardless, the house is already […]

Storybook friendships 3

There’s a whole genre of books about friendship, and they always seem to leave me slightly unsatisfied. Not because the books aren’t good, because they are good about as often as other genres. No, it’s more because I wonder if that kind of friendship exists outside of books, the kind where you grew up together […]

A snapshot 3

I was walking down the hall and I thought I saw her, and suddenly I was drowning, my throat full, my lungs tight. It wasn’t her, of course. She hasn’t been there in, oh, two years at least. But it looked like her, just for a minute, and I was surprised at how much it […]

The first thing I learned in college . . . 3

The College Girls did a series about the first thing they learned in college. I am not sure what I would say the first thing I learned in college was, but it probably had something to do with Indian food not being for everyone. To celebrate completing our first week of college, a group of […]

I may have to create a Harry Potter category. 0

I’m just putting links to a couple of articles here so I can find them again. They may be of some interest to some of you, as well, if you’re a HP fan. The two articles together pretty much articulate how I see things. In the interest of letting the unspoiled remain that way, you […]

All This Heavenly Glory 1

I didn’t love All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane until I got close to the end. I still wouldn’t call it one of my favorite books of all time or anything like that, but there were two chapters close to the end that I really enjoyed. The first one was about prayer: Although she […]

Our house looks good. 2

I came home from work today and found that Mike had finished painting the upstairs hallway. That’s everything. That’s all the painting we’re doing at this point. I would post pictures, but I don’t have a digital camera. So, imagine a house that looks really good (except, still no floors) and that’s our house. Looking […]

Part the third. 0

They didn’t post it until late last night, but here’s the third part of the Leaky Cauldron/Mugglenet interview. Spoilers, of course.

Finding freedom 3

Back when I worked at the Christian bookstore, I always had a sense that I didn’t fit in with the customers. No, I hadn’t read the latest Left Behind book, nor was I likely to. Yes, I had read that book that talked about the evil inherent in Harry Potter, but, actually, it made me […]

A new book. (Thank goodness.) 8

So, after weeks and weeks of putting it off, I finally finished Confessions of a Pagan Nun. July has been a remarkably unproductive reading month for me, because I just couldn’t get through that book. It was 191 pages, and as I kept saying yesterday, I could normally finish that in a day or a […]

Leaky Cauldron/MuggleNet interview 1

Part two is up. And one of my favorite theories (on who the mysterious R.A.B might be), well, she doesn’t say yes, but she does seem to indicate that we’re right. Excellent.

And what message would I have wanted from the stars? 0

And what message would I have wanted from the stars that night when I wandered motherless for the first time in my life? What message would I want the sky to tell me on any night? That I am loved? That I am protected? That something understands my efforts though they fail? That the sky […]

Obligatory Harry Potter pictures 5

I promise to have a real post later on today, but for now, entertain yourselves with the pictures from our adventures at Barnes and Noble on Friday night. (Mike isn’t really in them because he was the one holding the camera. I hate it when that happens.)

I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow 7

Well, I like fine eyes as much as the next person, but I have actually been meditating on the very great pleasure of hanging out with a group of girls and watching Pride and Prejudice. You see, earlier this year, my friend Emily asked me for some reading recommendations, and when I found out that […]

An obligatory Harry Potter post 6

I’m not going to talk about Harry much, because I feel like I’ve already had about 10 conversations about the book where we went through the same points about the things that happened and the things we speculate, and last night Mike and I rehashed a bunch of things while we were painting, so I’m […]

Marriage by the numbers 14

Years married: 5 Times I have been sad we didn’t have a wedding video: 0 Times we have listened to the CD of our wedding ceremony: I think 2 Times our vacation was almost ruined by forgetting the plane tickets (luckily one of us remembered them on the way to the airport): Just once. Because […]

Some thoughts on Harry 1

A couple of months ago I read The King’s English by Betsy Burton, which is about an independent bookstore in Salt Lake City, and which I mostly enjoyed. I can’t remember now why I wasn’t completely enamored of it, but I did enjoy it overall. At the very least, it gave me lots of get […]

Monday morning thoughts 4

The great flood of aught-five means that things are changing around here. We have suddenly kicked it into gear regarding our interior decorating. Saturday we went and picked out carpet and vinyl and laminate flooring and armchairs and paint. We started painting the bathroom yesterday, and we’ll be starting some of the other rooms tonight […]

Four aces 5

When we were at the beach, we played a fair amount of poker. Scott and Kelly brought their chips, and we played a lot of Texas Hold ‘Em (and, strangely enough, War, which has nothing to do with poker or chips, but I’ll mention it anyway since it’s been years since I played War). We […]

Politeness at what cost? 15

I was raised to be polite. Yes, sir, no, ma’am polite. Thank-you note polite (although I can’t say I never forgot a thank-you note, but I do try). Eat what was put in front of you (or at least as much as you can) polite. For me, politeness helps me go with the flow: I […]