Monthly Archives: June 2005

How come nobody told me about this? 17

The new Pride and Prejudice trailer is up at Yahoo. I am so nice that I am telling you all about it before I can even hear it myself, since I’m at work and this computer has no sound. It looks good, and I’ll be watching it as soon as I get home. Here’s hoping. […]

I’m blogging every moment here with you . . . 6

The reason I didn’t continue with my very first blog is because of the temptation to turn everything into a clever little moment. Did the cashier say something funny when I bought some gum? I should blog about it. Did that right-hand turn I made make me think of something spiritual? I should blog about […]

Since all I ever do is talk about books . . . 10

Geof requested that I do another one of these baton-type things, this one relating to books. So, here goes. Total Number of Books I Own: This is unknowable. Seriously. I have no idea, and I am terrible at estimating things just by looking at them. I can’t tell how many people are in a crowd, […]

What if they put up a stop sign and nobody cared? 6

One afternoon while driving home from work, I was talking with Mike on my cell phone and he said, “I am watching from the upstairs window, and you just ran that stop sign.” “What?! There’s no stop sign in our neighborhood.” “There is now. And I ran it, too.” Apparently that day, without warning, stop […]

You’ve been gone now a couple years 1

The other day “Goodbye” by Patty Griffin came on my iPod, and I know this song is about someone who died (it seems, in fact, like it’s about a suicide), but it makes me think of my old best friend, with whom I have not spoken in over two years. I have mentioned her on […]

The musical baton 17

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the musical baton got passed my way. Jeff Holland is the one who kindly handed it over to me. The honest truth is that I’m not a huge music person, not like a lot of my friends and most definitely not like my husband. I […]

One more good thing. 2

We thought it wasn’t coming out until December. Instead, Season 4 of Gilmore Girls will be out September 27. (Hey, Mike, can you buy me that for your birthday? What’s that you say? You’re not having a hobbit birthday? Dangit.)

Two more good things. 10

–Diet Coke with Splenda. Okay, I don’t love it, but I would drink it again, and it was fun that Brandon and Sarah made sure I tried it because it combines two things that are very popular at our house. Mike, of course, being the Diet Coke purist that he is, doesn’t like it at […]

Six good things. 5

Here are some good things that have happened since I last blogged. –A beach day with Mike. Do you know how rare and difficult this is? Mike does not like the beach. However, our friends convinced him that it would be fun . . . actually, no, that’s wrong. We just flat-out told him we […]