In order:

-We had a lovely time at Chez Holland. They even got Diet Coke for Mike (the regular kind, not the Splenda-laden kind they drink, because, as I mentioned, Mike is a Diet Coke purist) and the Braves won and it was cool rainy weather and we got to wear ponchos and we looked awesome and Mike did in fact drink 10 Diet Cokes at Macaroni Grill and everyone should Voten por Pedro. It was a good great time, and I don’t know if their pictures are online yet, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

-We had a lovely time at the beach. I read four books, which I will discuss at a later date, and I got a little sun (if Susan is reading this, she should know that I wore sunscreen . . . mostly) and Scott and Kelly and I tied for first place at miniature golf and we ate delicious food like shrimp and grits and Kelly and I scrapbooked and the boys (of course) played Halo and we played like a gazillion rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em (and I am getting better at it). And my dad took me and my brother and Scott and Kelly to the Pavilion, where we rode the SWINGS (which are my favorite) and a scary scary roller coaster. Good times were had by all.

-Which brings us to yesterday. When we got home, I saw a puddle in our kitchen floor, and we discovered that our upstairs bathroom (the guest bathroom, not ours) had a leak. Maybe the whole week we were gone. And there was some serious water damage. So last night and today have been us trying to deal with those things. It’s not exactly what we were hoping for when we got home last night, but we did okay in the crisis – I got the towels and Mike called the insurance company and I called my dad and Mike went to Lowe’s. It’s being handled. I am currently waiting on the guys who came last night to call and let me know what the plan is today. We are hoping the electrician can come soon so that we can turn on the lights in the kitchen again at some point. I am both holding it together and going a little crazy. The solution, I think, is to do more laundry. So that’s what I’m going to do now. I will try to have a more articulate post when I am feeling more articulate and less crazy. Laundry, though, is soothing. If you need me, check the laundry room.

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