Fear me and my organizational skills

Our impending vacation means that I’m trying to get both the house and our suitcases in order. I say suitcases because we are first going to Atlanta to see a Braves game with the Hollands, and I didn’t think we needed to take our big beach suitcase to their house. So we have things we might need for a weekend in Atlanta in one small suitcase, and things we need for the week at the beach in the other, larger suitcase. Doesn’t that make sense?

To organize these things, I’ve been making lists on index cards. One has things for the Atlanta trip, like my Braves hat and something to wear to the game, and the other has things like Kelly‘s birthday present (only four more days until you get it, Kelly!) and her Friends DVDs and beach towels and swimsuits and so on and so forth.

Mike thinks this is hysterical. He teased me by reading my list out loud, which does make it sound silly (hehe). Alisa and Kelly called me Monica. But, next week, when I have everything I need, do you think that I am going to let Kelly or Mike borrow any of my stuff? Well, yeah, I probably will, but first I will gloat! Index cards full of organization give me full gloating rights!

(Does it make it worse that I started packing on Sunday and we don’t leave until Friday? Yeah, I thought so.)

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