The musical baton

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the musical baton got passed my way. Jeff Holland is the one who kindly handed it over to me.

The honest truth is that I’m not a huge music person, not like a lot of my friends and most definitely not like my husband. I like music, and I listen to it in my car and at work, but I feel a little insecure about talking about it because I’m such an amateur. I am also very lyric-centric, and I don’t know anything about playing music, so it’s hard for music to really grab me without the words being something that move me. So, with that in mind . . .

Amount of music on your computer?

Most of it is Mike’s. He says: “9580 Songs. 39 GB. Although I do have a lot more stuff than what is on my computer, these songs are all in my top 10,000.”

Currently listening to?

I usually put my iPod on “shuffle songs,” because I’m not so good at creating playlists. Lately my no-skips have been Patty Griffin, Waterdeep, Miranda Stone, and Sarah Masen.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

So. Difficult. Disclaimer: These are not the only five that mean something to me. Just five that I’d like to talk about.

“Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips. Yes, I’ll admit I heard this first on Gilmore Girls. Luke can waltz. Yeah, I said it. But this was my introduction to Sam Phillips and A Boot and a Shoe, and there’s just something about the way the music is so peaceful and the lyrics are so sad that make this a must-listen every time.

“Love’s as Strong as Death” from Canticle of the Plains. We had this song in our wedding, and we both loved it.

“Mansions” by Burlap to Cashmere. Yes, this is the most radio-friendly song on Anybody Out There, and there are probably better songs of theirs. But it has a special place in my heart because I heard it for the first time with Mike in his living room, and then he let me have his pre-release copy of the CD. And I gave him a hug. That was the first inkling I had that he might actually like me like me. Mike talked about his first time hearing the song here. (One of my favorite Burlap stories is that Mike came back from Cornerstone that year all excited to tell me about his discovery of the band, but as they had played at Ziggy’s that spring, I had already heard their CD from a friend. He was so deflated that I already knew about them. hehe.)

“At Least I Got a Car” by Waterdeep. This song just screams to be played loud, with the windows rolled down. And even though I have never dropped out of school, I can relate to the fear of change and wanting to just play video games (or, in my case, read) instead of being a grownup. When this song comes up on my iPod, I have to listen to it at least two or three times before I can move on.

“Hold it up to the Light” by David Wilcox. And Smalltown Poets. I heard this song when Mike and I were getting a lot of resistance from his parents about getting married, and it helped me realize that you can’t second-guess yourself, that you have to just move on and make the best decisions and live your life. It helped me learn a bit about living without regrets.

Top five albums?

Also hard. Let’s see. To me, a top album is one where I skip hardly any songs. So it may not have a particular favorite song (although some of these do), but I pretty much listen to everything on these five:

A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band by Rich Mullins. My first Rich Mullins album, and still one of my favorites of all time. There was almost a year or so where I listened to it every single day. I just could not get enough of it. “Hold Me Jesus” was long considered my favorite song of all time (although I don’t know that that’s true now).

Seven Deadly Sins by Miranda Stone. I got this album when I was in a very low place emotionally, and the whole thing reminds me of how I was holding on to my faith, trying to believe that God was working in my life and in my situation. I listened to it over and over and over.

Caedmon’s Call by Caedmon’s Call. Here’s a confession I’ve been wanting to make. Caedmon’s used to be my favorite band, but there are currently only three songs by them on my iPod. How things change. But I still love this album, and consider it one of my top five of all time.

Greatest Hits by Simon and Garfunkel. (We have The Essential Simon and Garfunkel, but this is the one I’d choose. The only song I think it’s missing is “The Only Living Boy in New York.” And since it’s my list, I can choose a greatest hits CD.)

August and Everything After by Counting Crows. I like pretty much all their albums, to be honest, but this one stands out because it’s the first one I heard. This boy who was crushing on me lent it to me, and I remember liking it. And then, when Mike said they were his favorite band, I borrowed this album so I could learn more about him. One of the things I appreciate about our relationship is that we make an effort when it comes to each other’s interests: I listen to Counting Crows and learned about the NFL for him; he listens to Patty Griffin and learned college basketball for me. This album reminds me of that give-and-take (though I will admit to skipping “Ghost Train”).

Honorable mention: Flood by They Might Be Giants.

Last album bought?

Mike got us Springsteen’s new album. The last album purchased specifically for me was probably A Boot and a Shoe because Mike doesn’t care for Sam Phillips (which is okay since I don’t dig Coldplay) (I told you I’m not a music person).

Recent discoveries?

I like what I’ve heard of Anna Nalick. Mike is the discover-er in our family.

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