Daily Archives: 6/2/2005

The musical baton 17

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the musical baton got passed my way. Jeff Holland is the one who kindly handed it over to me. The honest truth is that I’m not a huge music person, not like a lot of my friends and most definitely not like my husband. I […]

One more good thing. 2

We thought it wasn’t coming out until December. Instead, Season 4 of Gilmore Girls will be out September 27. (Hey, Mike, can you buy me that for your birthday? What’s that you say? You’re not having a hobbit birthday? Dangit.)

Two more good things. 10

–Diet Coke with Splenda. Okay, I don’t love it, but I would drink it again, and it was fun that Brandon and Sarah made sure I tried it because it combines two things that are very popular at our house. Mike, of course, being the Diet Coke purist that he is, doesn’t like it at […]