And when the stars come out it dawns on me there is holy ground underneath my feet

Every once in a while on a summer night
The sunset glows and I see the light
And when the stars come out it dawns on me
There is holy ground underneath my feet

I really really liked Carolyn Arends for a while when I was in high school, and I still enjoy some of her songs on shuffle on my iPod, honestly. But the above has always been one of my favorite of her lyrics, because I know how that feels. I know she’s from Canada, but for me personally, nothing beats those long hot summer evenings in the South. When we were engaged, Mike and I used to take walks around his apartment complex in the evenings and talk. We don’t really do that anymore, but I always loved it, especially in the summer.

I’m not pining for summer quite yet (spring can never be too long as far as I’m concerned), but I’ve caught glimpses of that reverent that the song is talking about: When Mike and I have read on our porch while drinking margaritas as the sun gets low on the horizon, at the Grasshoppers (oh how it pains me to write that) game on Saturday, when we had Mike’s boss over for dinner a few weeks ago and the house was sparkling and the windows were all open.

Things have been busy lately, and I’ve been feeling a little down, but it’s nice to be reminded that good things are coming – things like homemade ice cream and fireflies and Harry Potter and my birthday. We’re going on vacation in a few weeks, and I am hoping we’ll get some nice walks on the beach and lots of reading in a hammock and good time with our friends and family who will be there. I look forward to those tastes of grace (but not too much – I don’t want my dreams to overshadow reality) because summer seems like such a sacred time, and even though I’m working, I don’t want to forget what that feels like.

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